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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globanomalina praepumilio Parker 1967

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Globanomalina praepumilio

Citation: Globanomalina praepumilio Parker 1967
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: USNM No. 642982.
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Pliocene, Banner and Blow Zone N.21.
Type locality: DOD0 117 P, 164-166 cm. Lat. 18°21'S., long 62°04'E., 3398 m; Indian Ocean.
Type repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-642985 USNM-642983 USNM-642984 USNM-431246 USNM-642982

Current identification:

Original Description

Test small, planispiral or slightly asymmetrical, partially involute, with a rounded periphery; chambers increasing in size and inflation gradually as added, 5½  to 8 in the final whorl, usually 6 or 7, about 15 in all; sutures slightly curving, somewhat depressed, especially the later ones, narrow; wall thin, smooth, often somewhat translucent, finely perforate; aperture a narrow, short, curved opening at the periphery, sometimes slightly asymmetrical in position, with a narrow lip.

Specimens up to 0.12 mm in diameter.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This species was found in two cores; in DODO 117 P it occurs in the upper part of Zone N.20 and in N.21 ; in DODO 57 P it is found in one sample from Zone N.21. It appears to give way to G. (?) pumilio, but this evolution has not been definitely established. Many small forms have not yet been described, partly because they are not sufficiently striking to be easily identified. This species, however, is easily differentiated in well-preserved material. Unfortunately, in the Pacific and Indian Oceans well-preserved material of this age is comparatively rare. Eventually this species may be found to range lower in the section, and its ancestry may be discovered. It shows little variation, aside from the number of chambers in the final whorl and the width of the aperture. It differs from G. ovalis in being less trochoid, in its peripheral aperture which does not extend to the umbilicus, and in its smaller size.

Editors' Notes
Type species of Berggrenia Parker 1976


Parker, F. L. (1967). Late Tertiary biostratigraphy (planktonic foraminifera) of tropical Indo-Pacific deep-sea cores. Bulletins of American Paleontology. 52(235): 115203-. gs

Parker, F. L. (1976). Taxonomic notes on some planktonic Foraminifera. Progress in Micropaleontology. 258-262. gs


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