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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina bulloides var. rubra subvar. pyramidalis van den Broeck 1876

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Globigerina bulloides rubra pyramidalis

Citation: Globigerina bulloides var. rubra subvar. pyramidalis van den Broeck 1876
taxonomic rank: subvariety

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinoides ruber (d’Orbigny, 1839)

Original Description

Nous aurions pu désigner sous une dénomination spéciale nos exemplaires du golfe de Gascogne (Globigerina bulloides, var. rubra, subvar. pyramidalis, par exemple); mais cela aurait donné lieu à un grave inconvénient : c'est que le nom de rubra (typica) serait resté appliqué aux formes chétives et mal développées qui ont été figurées par d'Orbigny, tandis que le véritable type, représenté par nos échantillons du golfe, serait ainsi classé à un rang plus inférieur.

approximate translation
[We could apply a special name to our examples from the Gulf of Gascony (e.g. Globigerina bulloides, var. rubra, subvar. pyramidalis); but this would give rise to a serious inconvenience: i.e. that the name rubra (typica) would remain applicable to the puny and poorly developed forms illustrated by d'Orbigny, whilst the true type, represented by specimens form the Gulf would be classified at a lower rank.]

I.e van den Broeck regarded the forms with strongly developed pyramidal shape as the true form of rubra and rejected the idea of giving them a different name. Hence the name rubra pyramidalis is a nomen nudum. [my interpretation, following pers. comm. of F. LeCoze  - JRY 2019]

Editors' Notes
This name is unambiguously a nomen nudum since the author rejects proposing it (maybe after being disuaded by referees?) - although the morphotype does exist.


van den Broeck, E. (1876). Etude sur les Foraminiferes de la Barbade. (Antilles). Annales de la Société Belgique de Microscopie. 2: 55-152. gs


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Comments (2)


Nomen nudum see p. 130:été_belge_de_microsc.html?id=2hMYAAAAYAAJ

Van de Broeck mentionned the name saying he could have named his specimens from the Golfe de Gascogne(but did not)

I found in this publication:

Globigerina bulloides d'Orb. var. rubra d'Orb. subvar. pyramidalis -

Broeck, E., van den, Ann. Soc. Belg. Micr., 2 (1875-1876), p. 127, pl. 3, fig. 9-10.

Fig.9-10 from pl. 3 (p. 152) are named G. bulloides rubra without subvar. (specimens from the Golfe of Gascogne)

It seems that later authors used this name about species from the Caribbean Sea!!



PS: Please tell me if you want to keep the name.


Jeremy Young(UK)

How strange - I have updated the page now to explain this. Jeremy