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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina exumbilicata Herman 1974

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Globigerina exumbilicata

Citation: Globigerina exumbilicata Herman 1974
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: Holotype 186540
Type repository: Washington, USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-186539 USNM-186540

Current identification/main database link: Turborotalita quinqueloba (Natland, 1938)

Original Description

The small trochospiral test has a rounded lobate periphery; chambers are spherical, enlarging gradually, arranged in 3 to 3½ whorls; there are generally 4½ to 5 chambers in the last whorl. The final chamber is spherical and possesses a thin but distinct lip. The umbilicus is deep, and is surrounded by umbilical teeth. The aperture of the last chamber is a low arch, umbilical-extraumbilical. Sutures are distinct, narrow, and depressed. The wall is perforate, thin, and spinose; the coiling direction is random.

Extra details from original publication
The main difference between this taxon and Globigerina quinqueloba Natland is in the shape of the last chamber, which is spherical in the newly named species, and its well-developed umbilicus, higher spire, and larger size. The wall texture of the new taxon also differs from that of G. quinqueloba, as illustrated in plates 13 through 19. Electron-probe analyses indicate that the test is composed of three discrete layers; an outer and inner Mg-rich layer and an intermediate Ca-rich layer.

Distribution: G. exumbilicata is abundant in the shallow Northwind Escarpment and in Alpha Rise sediments deposited during the Matuyama epoch. In earlier publications (Herman 1970a; Herman et al., 1971) and in Figs. 2 and 14 this species was included with the counts of G. quinqueloba and was also referred to as Globigerina sp., cf. G. quinqueloba.

Editors' Notes
Brummer & Kucera 2022 re-examined the hotoype and concluded that it was a growth stage of T. quinqueloba

Herman 1980 argued that this was a junior synonym of Globigerina quinqueloba egelida Cifelli & Scott 1970:
" In 1970, Cifelli and Smith established a new planktonic foraminiferal subspecies, Globigerina quinqueloba egelida (p. 32-34, PI. 3, figs 4-6). This taxon, present in plankton tows collected in the North Atlantic exhibits peak development in the western "Slope Waters" during winter and in the subarctic region during the summer. In 1974, the writer published an article in which a new planktonic foraminifer, Globigerina exumbilicata was described from Arctic Ocean basin Pleistocene and Pliocene sediments. Subsequently, Dr. Cifelli sent me specimens from his plankton tow collection which were examined under scanning electron microscopy. It appears that Globigerina exumbilicata Herman, 1974, is identical to Globigerina quinqueloba egilida Cifelli and Smith 1970, and the latter name has priority."


Cifelli, R. J. & Smith, R. K. (1970). Distribution of planktonic foraminifera in the vicinity of the North Atlantic Current. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology. 4: -. gs

Herman, Y. (1974). Arctic Ocean sediments, microfauna, and the climatic record in late Cenozoic time. In, Herman, Y. (ed.) Marine geology and oceanography of the Arctic seas. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 283-348. gs

Herman, Y. (1980b). Globigerina exumbilicata Herman, 1974, a synonym of G. quinqueloba egelida Cifelli and Smith, 1970. Journal of Paleontology. 54: 631-. gs


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