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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina flosculus Voloshinova 1960

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Globigerina flosculus

Citation: Globigerina flosculus Voloshinova 1960
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: Ibid., pl. 29, fig. 12a-c, "original," type specimen, dorsal, ventral, and peripheral views, X 75.
Type age (chronostrat): Figured "original" (fig. 12a-c) from the lower Pliocene, lower Nutovo Formation; and also occurs in the upper Miocene, upper Okobykay Formation.
Type locality: Figured "original" from Tungor; and also found at Sevemaya Okha, Okha, and Ossoy, and in the Mukhto area; all along the east coast of Sakhalin Island, U.S.S.R.
Type repository: VNIGRI

Current identification:

Original Description

Translation from the Russian. -Test small, more or less inflated, with an irregularly rounded. weakly lobate outline. The low conical spire consists of 2 - 2½  whorls. Initial part large relative to the last whorl, but flattened, and weakly raised above the surface of the subsequent chambers. Four to five inflated chambers in the last whorl, compactly connected by deep, slightly sloping, long sutures. Umbilical area slightly depressed, closed, the umbilical margins of the chambers are closely connected, round and compressed. Aperture slitlike, small, found about midway along the marginal suture from the umbilicus in the direction of the peripheral margin. Wall reticulate, perforate.

Dimensions, in mm. - Diameter 0.10-0.17; thickness 0.05-0.10.

Extra details from original publication
Basis for erecting the species. - Globigerina flosculus Voloshinova typically has a small, elegant test with uniformly growing chambers, the last chamber consequently being always a bit larger than the others. The chambers on the ventral side have the shape of flower petals, hence the name of the species. This species resembles most G. gradationis Voloshinova. It differs from the latter by its more flattened test with more closely connected chambers, the greater number of chambers, somewhat less lobate outline, and the reticulate, rough surface.


Voloshinova, N. A. (1960). Novye neogenovye rotaliidy ostrova Sakhalin. In, Markovsky, B. P. (ed.) Novye vidy drevnihk rasteniy i bespozvonochnyhk SSSR, Chast Pervaya, vypusk 1, chasti 1. Vsesoyuznyy Nauchno-Issledovatel'skiy Geologicheskiy Institut,, Moscow 163-169. gs


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