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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina globigerinellinoides Subbotina 1949

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Globigerina globigerinellinoides

Citation: Globigerina globigerinellinoides Subbotina 1949
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: 1589
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Albian
Type locality: Southern slopes of Caucasus, Gelendzhiksk district, Kabardinsk Pass
Type repository: St. Petersburg, Russia - VNIGRI

Current identification/main database link: Liuenella globigerinellinoides (Subbotina, 1949)

Original Description

Shell small, similar in external appearance to Globigerinella aspera (Ehrenberg). Spiral low. Whorls 2.5-3.0.First whorl lies below the outer surface of the second or in the same plane. There are 6-7 chambers, or occasionally 8, to the last whorl. Chambers spherical, noticeably increasing in size and lying closely packed together; they are delimited from each other by almost straight, deep sutures. Peripheral margin rounded, slightly undulate, almost smooth. Umbilicus clearly visible, narrow. Orifices slit-like lying between the umbilicus and the peripheral margin, frequently with lips. Walls smooth.


Subbotina, N. N. (1949). Микрофауна меловых отложений южного склона Кавказа [Microfauna from the Cretaceous of the southern slope of the Caucasus]. Trudy VNIGRI Mikrofauna USSR. 34: 5-36. gs


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