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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina khadumica Bykova 1960

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Globigerina khadumica

Citation: Globigerina khadumica Bykova 1960
taxonomic rank: species
Type age (chronostrat): lower Oligocene (Rupelian), Globigerinella liverovskae Zone (PG1a-3)
Type locality: southern Mangyshlak, Kazakhstan

Current identification/main database link: Tenuitella gemma (Jenkins 1966)

Original Description

Somewhat higher up Globigerinella liverovskae is found in very small quantities, and five-chambered tests with a more evolute dorsal side of the Globigerina pseudobulloides Plummer or Globigerina infracretacea Glaessner type appear which we call Globigerina khadumica (Figs. 4-7). Between these tests and the preceding species, G. liverovskae, there are transitional types (fig. 4).

Editors' Notes
No holotype or repository was given by Bykova; this species has been considered as a junior synonym of Globigerinella liverovskae Bykova by Samuel and Salaj (1968, q.v.; see also liverovskae below; nomen dubium non conservandum). [Berggren & Wade 2018]


Berggren, W. A. & Wade, B. S. (2018). Problematica. In, Wade, B. S., Olsson, R. K., Pearson, P. N., Huber, B. T. & Berggren, W. A. (eds) Atlas of Oligocene Planktonic Foraminifera. Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research, Special Publication . 46(Chap 20): 511-524. gs

Bykova, N. K. (1960). K voprosy O tsiklichnosti filogeneticheskogo razvitiya u foraminifer. Trudy Vsesoyuznego Neftyanogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Geologo-Razvedochnogo Instituta (VNIGRI). 163: 309-336. gs


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