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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina linaperta var. turgida Finlay 1939

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Globigerina linaperta turgida

Citation: Globigerina linaperta var. turgida Finlay 1939
taxonomic rank: Variety
Type sample (& lithostrat): 3310, Pahi marI.
Type age (chronostrat): Upper Bortonian
Type repository: Lower Hutt NZ Geol Surv,

Current identification/main database link: Catapsydrax unicavus Bolli, Loeblich and Tappan 1957

Original Description

A variety of linaperta, which reaches a much larger size, has swollen chambers, and a strong tendency to cover the aperture with a supplementary small, smooth chamber.

Editors' Notes
The name has mostly been applied to specimens which would now be assigned to Catapsydrax unicavus. However, turgida was not illustrated by Finlay, and the USNM cotypes have not been found. So, turgida cannot be proven to be a synonym of unicavus.


Finlay, H. J. (1939b). New Zealand foraminifera: Key species in stratigraphy - no. 2. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand. 69(1): 89-128. gs


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Comments (3)

Le Coze

Inversed priority. Finlay is the first..

Jeremy Young(UK)

Olsson et al. (2006) discuss this - they suggest that turgida is likely to be a synonym of unicavus but since there is no type illustraion or known type specieman this cannot be proven.

Jeremy Young(UK)

Looking further into this the case made by Olsson et al seems tenuous at best, I will discuss this with Brian Huber and Bridget Wade