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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina officinalis var. crux Blaicher 1970

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Globigerina officinalis crux

Citation: Globigerina officinalis var. crux Blaicher 1970
taxonomic rank: variety
Type sample (& lithostrat): upper part of the Sub-Menilite Globigerina Marls
Type age (chronostrat): Lowermost lower Oligocene,
Type locality: Near Warzyce, northeast of Jasto, Rzeszow province, southeastern Poland
Type repository: Krakow; Stratigraphic Section, Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geology, Krakow, Poland

Current identification:

Original Description

Test very small. Trochoidal coil consists of three whorls. Four chambers in each of the two younger whorls; in the oldest whorl chambers fewer in number. In the equatorial section this species can fit in a square, because the chambers of the last whorl increase very slowly in size, the last chamber does not exceed in size the one but last and they are arranged in pairs opposite each other, giving the appearance of the arms of a small equilateral cross. The ventral side of test generally convex (tf. 9a, b), the convexity on the dorsal side slightly variable. The two first whorls often coiled into a high spiJal, small in diameter at the base and then the dorsal side is so sharply convex that in the axial section the pe1ipheral margin is a cone with gently rounded apex and the base more convex (tf. 9b). In result of this characteristic feature it is often impossible to put tests of the above species with the dorsal side down. Peripheral margin of test and sutures between whorls strongly depressed. Sutures between chambers in the two first whorls - where the chambers slightly overlap each other - obliquely arched, radial in the last whorl and on the ventral side. Umbilical depression small, narrow and shallow (tf. 9a). Chambers in the last whorl encircle the umbilical depression by narrow lip resting on low symmetric apertural arches (tf. 9a), not always visible. Wall finely porous. rougher near the umbilical hollow.

Diameter 0.11-0.20 mm.: height of test 0.10-0.13 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. - The subspecies here described approaches the holotype shown in fig. in the paper by N. N. Subbotina (1953, op. cit.). It does not, however, agree with one part of the description given by that author who stresses the brge dimensions of the last chamber in the youngest whorl - sometimes attaining half the size of the test - as the characteristic feature of her species. From our subspecies G. parva Bolli differs in larger dimensions, in different position of aperture, and in greater number of chambers in the last whorl as mentioned in the description given by H. M. Bolli (1957, U. S. Nat. Mus., Bull., no. 215, p. 108). The above subspecies also differs from the species G. ouachitaensis Howe and Wallace in that it is without the large last chamber and without the broad and deep umbilical depression; moreover it has four apertures differently shaped and placed.

Also occurs in the Oligocene in the Sub-Silex Shales of the Menilite Beds, in the Lower Zakopane Beds, and in the Menilite Shales-Krosno Beds complex; and in the Miocene.


Blaicher, J. (1970). "Globigeryny" podmenilitowych margli globigeryn owych. Biuletyn Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego. 221(5): 137-204. gs


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