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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina pseudoiota Hornibrook 1958

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Globigerina pseudoiota

Citation: Globigerina pseudoiota Hornibrook 1958
taxonomic rank: Species
Type age (chronostrat): Waipawan stage, Paleocene.
Type locality: Holotype and thirty paratypes from locality F6045, Waipawa section, outcrop on roadside north of black siltstone, grid. ref. N 141/004847.

Current identification/main database link: Globanomalina ovalis Haque 1956

Original Description

A minute, extremely finely perforate Globigerina characterised by an almost planispiral test consisting of one and one-half whorls of globular chambers, five or six in the last whorl. The aperture is simple, at the base of the final chamber, opening a little to one side of the plane of coiling.

Greatest diameter 0.28 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This tiny, almost planispiral Globigerina bears a striking resemblance to the small group of planispiral Eocene species of "Globigerinella"" including ""Globigerinella"" micra (Cole) and ""Globigerinella"" iota (Finlay), and is probably an ancestor of ""Globigerinella"" iota, which replaces it in the Heretaungan."


Hornibrook, N. d. B. (1958). New Zealand Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary foraminiferal zones and some overseas correlations. Micropaleontology. 4: 25-38. gs


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