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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina steiningeri Rögl, in Rögl and Nagymarosy 2004

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Globigerina steiningeri

Citation: Globigerina steiningeri Rögl, in Rögl and Nagymarosy 2004
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Holotype: pl. 2, figs 31–32, pl. 3, fig. 14, text-fig. 3; Ernstbrunn, sample E-5. Paratypes: pl. 3, figs 13, 15–20; non-figured paratypes: Ernstbrunn: sample E-4 (6 specimens); sample coll. P. GOTTSCHLING (21 specimens, measured); Michelstet- ten: sample M-5 (30 specimens, measured); sample M-8 (24 specimens); sample Rö 3-89 (11 specimens); Kolby Hill: sample Rö 39-93 (10 specimens); sample Rö 41-93 (9 specimens).; desc on p.141
Type sample (& lithostrat): Enstbrunn, sample E-5
Type age (chronostrat): Early Miocene; nannofossil zone NN2 (equivalent of M1-3)
Type locality: Old brickyard, Ernstbrunn, Austria (48.321N; 16.358E)
Type repository: Vienna; Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Current identification:

Original Description

Test of medium size, with a flat trocho- spire, two to two-and-a-half whorls, with five chambers in the primary whorl and three-and-a-half to four in the final whorl; predominantly left coiling. Chambers increase slowly in size; final chamber is commonly smaller as the pre-last chamber or reduced to a kummerform chamber in an umbilical position. Test shape stout, slightly lobate. Wall thick, strongly calcified, with a Globigerina wall texture; sutures in umbilical view broad, deeply incised, commonly with a sharp border (comp. pl. 3, fig. 13); in spiral view weekly impressed. Aperture umbilical, forms a low and broad arch, with a thickened, glassy, knobby rim (no lip).

holotype: length of test 0.39 mm, width of test 0.30 mm, height of spire 0.20 mm; left coiling.

In honour of Friedrich F. STEININGER, director of the Senckenberg Research Institute and Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This species was described by PAPP as G. globularis from the Michelstetten Formation, and discussed with different species from the Oligocene of Trinidad. Most probably G. globularis ROEMER represents forms which are now attributed to Subbotina tapuriensis (BLOW & BANNER). The morphotype, which PAPP described as G. cf. unicava, was differentiated from “G. globularis” by a small, umbilical final chamber. Such chambers represent typical kummerform-chambers, which can not be compared with the bulla present in Catapsydrax. BOLLI’s (1957) species, Catapsydrax unicavus has a non-spinose, cancellate wall texture and is not related to spinose globigerinas. In the investigated samples, only one specimen of C. unicavus was present. Some elongated specimens of the new species have similarities with Globoturborotalita connecta, but are distinguished by a globigerinid and not a cancellate wall texture. In contrast to G. praebulloides and G. bulloides, the new species has a strongly calcified wall, a low arched aperture with a thickened rim, and a stout test. Measurements of the stout test and the shape of the final chamber are in agreement in both sections (figs 4 a-b) and do not differentiate in different species.


Rögl, F. & Nagymarosy, A. (2004). Biostratigraphy and correlation of the Lower Miocene Michelstetten and Ernstbrunn sections in the Waschberg Unit, Austria (Upper Egerian to Eggenburgian, Central Paratethys). Courier Forschungsinstitut Senckenberg. 246: 129-151. gs


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Authority: Rögl in Rögl & Nagymarosy, 2004 or Rögl, 2004 but not "in Rögl and Nagymarosy 2004"

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