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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina tarchanensis Subbotina & Khutsieva, in Bogdanovich 1950

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Globigerina tarchanensis

Citation: Globigerina tarchanensis Subbotina & Khutsieva, in Bogdanovich 1950
taxonomic rank: species
Type sample (& lithostrat): Tarkhan horizon
Type age (chronostrat): Miocene
Type locality: Taman Peninsula, Caucasus, Russia
Type repository: Grozny; Laboratory of Micropaleontology of "Grozneft," Grozny.

Current identification:

Original Description

Test rounded, more or less inflated, usually biconvex, with a broadly rounded and sinuous periphery , very small. On the dorsal, markedly convex side there are from 10 to 16 chambers, forming two to three whorls. Chambers spherical, adhering very closely to one another, increasing strongly in size as added. Ventral side weakly convex, showing five or six chambers of the final whorl, with a small, usually distinct umbilicus in its median portion, where the chambers converge. Sutures deep, arcuately curved. Aperture with an overlapping lip, relatively narrow, arcuate, sometimes broader and semicircular, either umbilical or extending from the umbilicus toward the periphery but not reaching it. Wall hyaline, thin, finely alveolar, finely pitted. [translation from Ellis & Messina catalog]

Diameter 0.18-0.22 mm.; thickness 0.05-0.14 mm.

Extra details from original publication
The most variable features are the number of the chambers, the number of the whorls for the same size of the test, and the shape and position of the aperture. The described species is strongly reminiscent of the Recent Globigerina dutertrei d'Orbigny, from which, however, it differs in the half as large test and the character of the aperture (the presence of an overlapping lip)

Editors' Notes
According to the Ellis & Messina catalog the correct English transliteration of the name of the horizon for which this species was named is "Tarkhan" - so the name might better have been given as tarkhanensis.


Bogdanovich, A. K. (1950a). ЧОКРАКСКИЕ ФОРАМИНИФЕРЫ ЗАПАДНОГО ПРЕДКАВКАЗЬЯ [Chokrak foraminifera of western Ciscaucasia]. In, Microfauna of the U.S.S.R 4. Trudy Vsesoyuznego Neftyanogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Geologo-Razvedochnogo Instituta (VNIGRI) . 129-176. gs


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