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Globigerinanus bullatus bullatus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus bullatus expansus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus loxophodellus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus multiaperturus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus phodoaplatus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus sphaeroides Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus sudri maturus Ouda 1978

Globigerinanus sudri sudri Ouda 1978


Citation: Globigerinanus Ouda 1978
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerinanus sudri, Ouda 1978
Type locality: Sudr East Well 2, Sinai, Egypt; 29.55N; 32.85E

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinoides Cushman 1927, emend Spezzaferri et al. 2015

Original Description

Test free, trochospiral, chambers spherical to ovate, sutures depressed, wall calcareous perforate; surface pitted, cancellated or finely hispid, primary aperture umbilical in position as in Globigerina d'Orbigny; with one or more secondary sutural apertures on spiral side as in Globigerinoides Cushman. In the adult stage, the primary aperture and umbilicus is covered by umbilical bullae with commonly two or three accessory infralaminal apertures at the margins of the bulla. The secondary sutural apertures on the dorsal side are not covered by sutural bullae.

Globiger; L. globe-or ball-bearing+ ina L. diminutive; gender, feminine+ + anus, pertaining to

Extra details from original publication
RemarksGlobigerinanus, new genus is a non-umbilicate form belonging to the group of the bullate Globigerinidae whose umbilical area is covered by a perforate, inflated, plate-like final structure (bulla), or large enveloping final chamber, with a number of accessory infralaininal or sutural apertures at the base of the final element and which may or may not covered by secondary sutural bullae. It is closely related to genus Globigerinoides Cushman from which it has been evolved at the late most Burdigalian by the secretion of a swollen, finely perforate umbilical bulla covering the umbilicus and primary aperture, with no apparent relation to the coiling mode of the test.


Ouda, K. (1978). Globigerinanus, a new genus of the Globigerinidae from the Miocene of Egypt. Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 10: 355-378. gs


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