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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinita Brönnimann, 1951

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Globigerinita africana Blow & Banner 1962
= Catapsydrax africanus
Globigerinita bikiniensis McCulloch 1977
= Turborotalita humilis
Globigerinita boweni Brönnimann & Resig 1971
= Globigerinita glutinata
Globigerinita dissimilis ciperoensis Blow & Banner 1962

Globigerinita globiformis Blow & Banner 1962
= Catapsydrax globiformis
not figuredGlobigerinita glutinata flparkerae Brönnimann & Resig 1971
= Globigerinita glutinata
Globigerinita hardingae Blow 1979
= Globoturborotalita martini
Globigerinita howei Blow & Banner 1962
= Catapsydrax howei
Globigerinita incrusta Akers 1955
= Globigerinita glutinata
Globigerinita iota Parker 1962
= Tenuitellita iota
not figuredGlobigerinita martini Blow & Banner 1962
= Globoturborotalita martini
Globigerinita martini martini Blow & Banner 1962

Globigerinita martini scandretti Blow & Banner 1962
= Globoturborotalita martini
Globigerinita naparimaensis Brönnimann 1951
= Globigerinita glutinata
Globigerinita parkerae Loeblich & Tappan 1957

Globigerinita riveroae Bermúdez 1961

Globigerinita stainforthi praestainforthi Blow 1969

Globigerinita unicava primitiva Blow & Banner 1962
= Catapsydrax unicavus


Citation: Globigerinita Brönnimann, 1951
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerinita naparimaensis Brönnimann, 1951

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinita Brönnimann, 1951

Original Description

Test distinctly trochoidal; chambers subglobular, increasing gradually in size, non-enveloping in the adult. Umbilical portion covered with single, irregularly shaped, frequently inflated, supplementary chamber. Aperture multiple in the adult, consisting of small semicircular openings along the sutures of supplementary chamber. These openings are arched with minute lips. Apertures of chambers formed prior to the supplementary chamber are single, large, broad, semicircular openings with minute lips. Wall variable in thickness, finely perforate.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: The monotypic genus Globigerinita is characterized by the distinctly trochoidal test, the single irregularly shaped supplementary chamber, the large semicircular apertures connecting the Globigerina chamber; and the multiple aperture along the suture of the supplementary chamber. Its essential difference from the morphologically similar genus Globigerinatella are the non-enveloping adult Globigerina chamhers and the single apertures connecting the late Globigerina chambers. The ancester of Globigerinita apparently is a small trochoidal Globigerina with single, large aperture similar to that of the early ontogenetic stage of Globigerinatella (Globigerina stage with single aperture).

Occurrence:Lower Miocene, possibly also upper Oligocene of Trinidad, B. W. I.


Brönnimann, P. (1951a). Globigerinita naparimaensis n. gen., n. sp., from the Miocene of Trinidad, B. W. I. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. 2(1): 16-18. gs


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