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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinoides hurgadaensis El-Shinnawi 1975

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Globigerinoides hurgadaensis

Citation: Globigerinoides hurgadaensis El-Shinnawi 1975
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: pl. 3, fig. 2a-c,
Type sample (& lithostrat): lower part of Globtgerina marl; associated with fauna of the Globigerinoides triloba Zone.
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Miocene, Burdigalian,
Type locality: Depth interval of 1447-1464 ft., core no. 32, Hurgada well no. 134, Hurgada oilfield, Red Sea coast of Egypt.
Type repository: Alexandria; Geology Department, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Current identification:

Original Description

"Test free, relatively small, trochospiral; equatorial periphery quadrilobate, axial periphery rounded. Chambers inflated, globular, arranged in about three whorls, the four chambers of the last whorl increase rapidly in size. Sutures depressed, gently curved. Wall calcareous perforate, surface hispid particularly the last whorl. Umbilicus moderately wide, deep. Primary aperture interiomarginal, umbilical, a medium sized arch bordered by a clear lip; the last three chambers show 4 to 5 small, but distinct secondary sutural apertures situated over sutures of earlier chambers.

Dimensions. - Maximum diameter of holotype 0.27 mm., maximum height of holotype 0.18 mm.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. - Globigerinoides hurgadaensis El-Shinnawi is very similar to Globigertnoides muratai Asano, 1962 (in Ellis and Messina, 1940 et seq., Catalogue of foraminifera, New York: Amer. Mus. Nat. Hist., Spec. Publ.). However, the Egyptian species is distinguished from that Japanese type by its relatively higher trochospiral test with its hispid surface and larger number of the secondary sutural apertures. This new species shows some similarities to Globigerinoides parva Hornibrook, 1961 (in Ellis and Messina, op. cit.). However, the latter differs by its more high-spired test, generally with 3 chambers in its last whorl, smooth to reticulate surface and minute supplementary openings at the base of the final chamber. Globigerinoides hurgadaensis shows some resemblance to some figures of Globigerina kozlowskii s. l. Brotzen and Pozaryska, 1961 (in Ellis and Messina, op. cit.). which are 'simple specimens lacking additional chambers' and showing secondary sutural openings on spiral side. However, the Egyptian species is distinguished from that type of G. kozlowskii by its relatively low-spired test, wider umbilicus and arched primary aperture with distinct lip."


El-Shinnawi, M. A. (1975). Planktonic foraminifera from the Miocene Globigerina marl of Hurgada well-134, Eastern Desert, Egypt. Empresa Nacional Adaro de Investigaciones (ENAdI) Mineras, Addis Ababa.. 199-224. gs


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