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Globorotalia pumilio

Citation: Globorotalia pumilio Parker 1962
taxonomic rank: species
Type age (chronostrat): Recent
Type locality: From Capricorn HG 41 (0-1 em.), 15° 55.5' S.,117°13.8' W., at a depth of3394 M. USNM no. 638792.

Linked specimens: USNM-431513 USNM-188651 USNM-188652 USNM-638792 USNM-188653 USNM-638793

Current identification/main database link: Berggrenia pumilio (Parker, 1962)

Original Description

Test very small, biconvex, composed of 2½- 3 whorls, with a rounded, lobulate periphery; chambers increasing gradually in size as added, 5-5½ in the initial whorl, 5½-7 in the final one (usually 6), up to 21 in all (usually not more than 17); sutures depressed, slightly curving on the spiral side, radial on the umbilical side; wall smooth, very finely perforate; aperture umbilical-extraumbilical, extending from the shallow umbilical area to the margin of the test, narrow, with a narrow lip, the previous aperture sometimes showing slightly.

Maximum diameter 0.18 mm.; proloculus diameters 8- 16µm, average 12µm (20 specimens, type locality).

Extra details from original publication
Comparison: This species differs from G. reissi Loeblich and T appan in its rounded rather than angular periphery, less convex spiral side, and greater number of chambers. It differs from G. minutissima Bolli in the convex spiral side and in the greater number of chambers, with more in the final whorl.

Discussion: There is little variation within this species. At the type locality it is 98% left-coiling (100 specimens).

Distribution: G. pumilio is found throughout the South Pacific north of ca. Lat. 45° S.; it is most common north of Lat. 30° S. It has not been observed in plankton samples, probably due to the coarse mesh of the nets.


Parker, F. L. (1962). Planktonic foraminiferal species in Pacific sediments. Micropaleontology. 8(2): 219-254. gs


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