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Gublerina acuta De Klasz 1953
= Praegublerina acuta
Gublerina acuta robusta De Klasz 1953
= Praegublerina robusta
Gublerina cuvillieri Kikoine 1948
= Gublerina cuvillieri
Gublerina glaessneri Bronnimann & Brown 1953
= Gublerina cuvillieri
Gublerina hedbergi Bronnimann & Brown 1953
= Praegublerina acuta
Gublerina primitiva Aliyulla 1965
= Sigalia deflaensis
Gublerina rajagopalani Govindan 1972
= Gublerina rajagopalani


Citation: Gublerina Kikoine 1948
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Gublerina cuvilliieri Kikoine 1948

Current identification/main database link: Gublerina Kikoine 1948

Original Description

Se différencie totalement de tous les autres genres d'Heterohelicidae par son espace intercalaire déprimé et non pourvu de loges.

Editors' Notes
The genus was monospecific as described and the species and genric decriton were not separated.


Kikoine, J. (1948). Les Heterohelicidae du Crétacé supérieur pyrénéen. Bulletin de la Société Géologique de France. 18(1-3): 15-35. gs


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