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Guembelitria alabamensis Liu&Olsson 1992
= Parvularugoglobigerina alabamensis
Guembelitria azzouzi Salaj 1986
= Guembelitria cretacea
Guembelitria besbesi Salaj 1986
= Guembelitria cretacea
Guembelitria blowi Arz et al. 2010

Guembelitria columbiana Howe 1939
= Jenkinsina columbiana
Guembelitria coniungens Fuchs 1971

Guembelitria cretacea Cushman 1933
= Guembelitria cretacea
Guembelitria dammula Voloshina, 1961
= Guembelitria cretacea
Guembelitria harrisi Tappan 1940
= Guembelitria cenomana
Guembelitria irregularis Morozova 1961
= Guembelitria cretacea
Guembelitria kegeli Petri 1962
= Guembelitria cenomana
Guembelitria langparensis Mukhopadhyay 2012

Guembelitria ornata Gawor-Biedowa 1992

Guembelitria oveyi Ansary 1955
= Jenkinsina triseriata
Guembelitria samwelli Jenkins 1978
= Jenkinsina triseriata
Guembelitria sergipensis Koutsoukos 1994
= Guembelitria sergipensis
Guembelitria stavensis Bandy 1949
= Jenkinsina triseriata
Guembelitria turrita Kroon & Nederbragt 1990

Guembelitria vivans Cushman 1934
= Neogallitellia vivans
Textilaria triseriata Terquem 1882
= Jenkinsina triseriata


Citation: Guembelitria Cushman, 1933
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Guembelitria cretacea Cushman 1933

Current identification/main database link: Guembelitria Cushman, 1933

Original Description

Test similar to Guembelina, but triserial; wall calcareous, finely perforate; aperture large, at the inner edge of the last-formed chamber. This genus is widely distributed in the Upper Cretaceous of North and South America.


Cushman, J. A. (1933c). Some new foraminiferal genera. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 9(2): 32-38. gs


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