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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) Thalmann 1942

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Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) bermudezi Thalmann 1942
= Cribrohantkenina inflata

Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina)

Citation: Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) Thalmann 1942
taxonomic rank: sub-genus
Type species: Hantkenina (Sporohantkenina) brevispina Bermudez, 1937 = Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) bermudezi Thalmann 1942

Current identification/main database link: Cribrohantkenina Thalmann, 1942

See also: Cribrohantkenina - also used as genus;

Original Description

Subgenotype: Hantkenina (Sporohantkenina) brevispina Bermudez, 1937, (non Hantkenina brevispina Cushman, 1924), Soc. Cubana Hist. Nat., Mem., Vol. 11, p. 151, Pl. 19, Figs. 7, 8- 10, for which Hantkenina (Cribrohantkenina) bermudezi Thalmann nom. nov. is herewith proposed. Eocene, Camaguey province, Cuba. Bermudez' specimen on his Pl. 19, Figs. 8- 10 (non Fig. 7) are here designated as subgenotype. The specimens figured by Bermudez from the upper Eocene Chapapote formation of Mexico and from the Eocene of the Camaguey province in Cuba are entirely different from Cushman's protograph of Hantkenina brevispina (compare Pl. 1, Fig. 4 with Fig. 6) from the Eocene of eastern Mexico. To this subgenus belong also: Hantkenina danvillensis Howe and Wallace, 1934, H. inflata Howe, 1928, (Pl. 1, Fig. 7), and H. mccordi Howe and Wallace, 1932.

Geologic range: Upper Eocene (Ledian and Wemmelian); questionably also in lower Oligocene (Lattorfian).

In a personal communication (letter, dated April 2, 1942), Henry V. Howe stated, that by washing topotype material of Hantkenina inflata with his soap method details of the aperture were brought out which are not evident from the description of the holotype. He found that what he had taken to be a tripartite aperture in his holotype (Pl. 1, Fig. 7), is in  fact an aperture with three distinct holes, one median, and two lateral. Topotype specimens sent to the writer confirmed Howe's discovery, and, therefore, H. inflata is placed into the subgenus Cribrohantkenina. With regard to the alleged Oligocene age of the holotype, Howe further states, that, when collecting the sample in 1924, he landed on the contact between the Vicksburg and the Jackson formation at the type locality. The basal Vicksburg beds apparently contain reworked Jackson fossils, a condition that "certainly prevails for at least ten feet above the base of the Red Bluff at its type locality," where the Foraminifera are distinctly of Vicksburg, the Bryozoa, however, clearly of reworked Jackson age.

With respect to Hantkenina mccordi Howe and Wallace, Henry Y. Howe, in his letter cited above, remarks that the edge of the aperture does not appear to be broken (see Howe and Wallace, 1932), "but I suspect that the animal was about to begin the secretion of the supplementary apertural plate similar to that possessed by H. danvillensis, and from the number of lobes it shows, I suspect that if it had been complete it should have had as many as seven or eight holes in it." H. mccordi Howe and Wallace, is, therefore, placed by the writer into the subgenus Cribrohantkenina.

Extra details from original publication
Species included by Thalmann 1942:


Thalmann, H. E. (1942). Foraminiferal genus Hantkenina and its subgenera. American Journal of Science. 240: 809-820. gs


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