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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hantkenina mexicana var. aragonensis Nuttall 1930

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Hantkenina mexicana aragonensis

Citation: Hantkenina mexicana var. aragonensis Nuttall 1930
taxonomic rank: Variety
Type locality: Arroyo Puentitla, 2600 m. N. 73? E. of El Tule, Mexico
Type repository: Washington; USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-4497 USNM-59476 USNM-4498 USNM-4496

Current identification/main database link: Hantkenina mexicana Cushman 1924

Original Description

This variety differs from the type in generally having larger more inflated chambers, which always taper more gradually into the the spines. The latter are not infrequently broken as in figure 3.

Extra details from original publication
This is a valuable and fairly common guide species for the Aragon

Editors' Notes
Junior homonym so new name H. nuttalli proposed by Toumarknine 1981


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