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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hastigerina klampisensis Kadar 1975

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Hastigerina klampisensis

Citation: Hastigerina klampisensis Kadar 1975
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: Holotype (Plate 7, figure 52) PD 5122
Type age (chronostrat): sample n 9 -Sentolo Formation, Globigerinoides sicaniis-Globorotalia peripheroronda assemblage (Early Miocene)
Type locality: Central Java, Indonesia - West Progo Mountains, Yogyakarta Province
Type repository: Bandung; Paleontological collcction of the Geological Survey of Indonesia, Bandung.

Linked specimens: USNM-689645

Current identification:

Original Description

Test low, trochospiral; equatorial periphery lobate; axial periphery broadly rounded. Central portion of the dorsal side slightly concave forming biumbilicate-like form. Wall calcareous, finely perforate, smooth and hyaline. Chambers globular to ovate, 12 to 14 in number, arranged in 2½ to 3 whorls. The 5 to 6 chambers of the last whorl increase moderately in size, the ultimate ones slightly reduced. Sutures on spiral side radial, slightly curved ventrally. On both sides they are strongly depressed. Aperture a long narrow slit, bordered above by a narrow lip, umbilical-extraumbilical, extending onto the dorsal side. The relict apertures often are seen ventrally but not dorsally.

Largest diameter of the holotype is 0.46 mm: from locality n 9.

Extra details from original publication
This species is larger and has more chambers than Globorotalia minutissima figured by Bolli (1957, pl. 29, fig. 1 ) . It is distinguished from the holotype of Globorotalia siakensis (LeRoy) by the gradual increase in size of the chamhers of the final whorl, the slit-like aperture which extends onto the dorsal side, and the smooth surface wall. It is likely that this species is a transition form between Globorotalia and Hastigerina.


Kadar, D. (1975). Planktonic foraminifera from the lower part of the Sentolo Formation, central Java, Indonesia. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 5: 1-20. gs


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