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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hastigerinella bizonae Chevalier 1961

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Hastigerinella bizonae

Citation: Hastigerinella bizonae Chevalier 1961
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Not given
Type age (chronostrat): Aptian
Type locality: La Bedoule, near Cassis, southeast of Marseille, western Provence, southeast France. Found also in sections at Rove; and at the hill at Gargas, Apt region; both in western Provence, southeast France.
Type repository: Paris, France

Current identification/main database link: Hedbergella bizonae (Chevalier, 1961)

Original Description

Translated from French: Test small, calcareous, finely perforate, trochoidal, sutures distinct and depressed. Nine to 11 chambers, 4 to 5 small chambers forming 1 - 1.5 internal whorls. Five to 6 chambers, regularly and strongly increasing in size in the last whorl and shaping a stellate outline with ogival ends. In most specimens these chambers are axially elongate, the axes inclining forward and also lying on either side of the equatorial plane. Apertural side convex, equi-dimensional or with a shape varying from an almost square to ogival section. Spiral side generally flat. On the umbilical side, a wide and depressed umbilicus. Aperture arched, interiomarginal, located at the base of the umblical side.

Extra details from original publication
Dimensions: holotype 0.285 x 0.228mm
Paratypes:0.285 x 0.171; 0.285 x 0.257; 0.257 x 0.2; 0.314 x 0.285 mm


Chevalier, J. (1961). Quelques nouvelles espèces de Foraminifères dans le Crétacé inférieur méditerranéen. Revue de Micropaléontologie. 4(1): 30-36. gs


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