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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hedbergella Brönnimann & Brown, 1958

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Hedbergella has 48 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 H. ama :: 2 H. sig
Hedbergella amabilis Loeblich&Tappan 1961
= Clavihedbergella amabilis
Hedbergella angolae Caron 1978
= Muricohedbergella angolae
Hedbergella aptiana Bartenstein 1965
= Hedbergella aptiana
Hedbergella astrepta Petrizzo&Huber 2006
= Muricohedbergella astrepta
Hedbergella atlantica Petters 1977
= Muricohedbergella atlantica
Hedbergella aubertae Fondecave 1975

Hedbergella beegumensis Marianos&Zingula 1966
= Hedbergella infracretacea
Hedbergella blakensis Petrizzo&Huber 2006
= Muricohedbergella blakensis
Hedbergella bollii Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella bollii
Hedbergella bornholmensis Douglas&Rankin 1969
= Whiteinella bornholmensis
Hedbergella brittonensis Loeblich&Tappan 1961
= Whiteinella brittonensis
Hedbergella costellata Saint-Marc, 1973
= Paracostellagerina libyca
Hedbergella excelsa Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella excelsa
Hedbergella flandrini Porthault, in Donze et al. 1970
= Muricohedbergella flandrini
Hedbergella gorbachikae Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella gorbachikae
Hedbergella hiltermanni Loeblich&Tappan 1961
= Favusella washitensis
Hedbergella hispaniae Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella hispaniae
Hedbergella holmdelensis Olsson 1964
= Muricohedbergella holmdelensis
Hedbergella implicata Michael 1973
= Muricohedbergella implicata
Hedbergella intermedia Michael 1973
= Microhedbergella intermedia
Hedbergella kuhryi Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella kuhryi
Hedbergella kyphoma Hasegawa 1999
= Muricohedbergella kyphoma
Hedbergella labocaensis Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella labocaensis
Hedbergella lata Petters 1977
= Muricohedbergella atlantica
Hedbergella libyca Barr 1972
= Paracostellagerina libyca
Hedbergella luterbacheri Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella luterbacheri
Hedbergella maslakovae Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella maslakovae
Hedbergella murphyi Marianos & Zingula 1966
= Muricohedbergella loetterli
Hedbergella occulta Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella occulta
Hedbergella praelibyca Petrizzo&Huber 2006
= Muricohedbergella praelibyca
Hedbergella praelippa Huber & Leckie 2011
= Hedbergella praelippa
Hedbergella praetrocoidea Kretzchmar&Gorbachik, in Gorbachik 1986
= Hedbergella praetrocoidea
Hedbergella pseudoplanispiralis Fuchs 1971

Hedbergella pseudotrocoidea Michael 1973
= Microhedbergella pseudotrocoidea
Hedbergella? punctata Michael 1973
= Liuenella punctata
Hedbergella pustulosa Hamaoui 1965

Hedbergella quadrata Marianos&Zingula 1966

Hedbergella ranzenbergensis Fuchs 1971

Hedbergella rischi Moullade 1974
= Microhedbergella rischi
Hedbergella semielongata Longoria 1974
= Hedbergella semielongata
Hedbergella has 48 sub-taxa these are grouped in 2 pages
1 H. ama :: 2 H. sig


Citation: Hedbergella Brönnimann & Brown, 1958
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Anomalina lorneiana (d’Orbigny) var. trocoidea Gandolfi, 1942

Current identification/main database link: Muricohedbergella Huber & Leckie 2011

See also: Anomalina lorneiana trocoidea - type species;Hedbergina - original name.;

Original Description

The smooth- to rough-walled, calcareous hyaline test is trochospirally coiled. Its small early chambers are globular, inflated, and globigerine-like. The last few chambers are elongated and extend into a relatively small umbilicus. The aperture is rounded interiomarginal, and opens into the umbilicus. Short apertural flaps extend into the umbilicus but do not form an umbilical cover-plate. Family Globotruncanidae.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. - The most characteristic feature of Hedbergella, new name, is the extension of the last few chambers into the umbilicus. This represents a stage in the phylogeny from a Globigerina-like form to Ticinella Reichel, with a large umbilicus and umbilical cover-plate. In this lineage the enlarging umbilicus was at first minimized by extension of the last few chambers as a whole into it as represented by Hedbergella. Later in the lineage the umbilicus became too large to be filled in by the chambers themselves. However, by extending only the apertural flaps, and not the chambers as a whole, the large umbilicus was covered by an umbilical cover-plate composed of extended apertural flaps as represented by Ticinella.

Editors' Notes
This genus was originally described as Hedbergina, by Brönnimann & Brown 1956, with the type species Globigerina seminolensis Harlton. However, G. seminolensis proved on further research to be a problematic species and not a member of the group, so Bronnimann & Brown 1958 redescribed the genus with a new name and a different type species.


Brönnimann, P. & Brown, N. K. (1956). Taxonomy of the Globotruncanidae. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae. 48: 503-562. gs O

Brönnimann, P. & Brown, N. K. (1958). Hedbergella, a new name for a Cretaceous planktonic foraminiferal genus. Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences. 48: 15-17. gs


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