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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Hedbergella rischi Moullade 1974

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Hedbergella rischi

Citation: Hedbergella rischi Moullade 1974
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Not available
Type age (chronostrat): Albian
Type locality: Not available
Type repository: Not available

Current identification/main database link: Microhedbergella rischi (Moullade, 1974)

Original Description

Translated from French : "Hedbergella sp. aff. infracretacea usually displays a more noticeable increase in the height of the spire, hence a slightly more important last chamber compared to the preceding ones. In profile view, the test seems to have a slightly less thick section. The ventral side is umbilicate as opposed to H. infracretacea which is devoid of umbilicus. In the evolved well-characterized forms, we can see a noticeable extension of the aperture towards the periphery, clearly reaching the dorsal edge: the coiling, however, remains asymmetrical, does not become planispiral. Occasionally a slight distortion of the trochospire has also been observed, the arrangement of the last chambers appearing to be less even than in H. infracretacea." [from Moullade 1966]

Editors' Notes
Described under the name Hedbergella (Hedbergella) sp. aff. infracretacea (Glaessner, 1937) by Moullade, 1966 and renamed by him H. rischi in Moullade (1974, p. 1815).


Moullade, M. (1966). Etude stratigraphique et micropaleontologique du Crétacé inférieur de la "fosse vocontienne". Document des Laboratoires de Géologie de la Faculté des Sciences de Lyon. 15: 1-369. gs

Moullade, M. (1974). Zones de Foraminiferes du Cretace inferieur mesogeen. Comptes rendus hebdomaire de l'Académie des sciences, Paris. 278: 1813-1816. gs


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