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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Liuenella praefalklandica Korchagin 2011

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Liuenella praefalklandica

Citation: Liuenella praefalklandica Korchagin 2011
Rank: Species
Type specimens: Plate 2, fig. 2; GIN, no. 4899/4
Type age (chronostrat): Middle–Upper Turonian
Type locality: Crimea; B’yuk

Current identification:

Original Description

The shell is very low trochoid, biconvex, with 2.5 whorls in the spire. The outline is ovate, strongly lobate; the last whorl contains 5.5– 6 spherical chambers, which are slightly laterally flattened and gradually increasing in size. Early whorls are distinct on the spiral side and chambers of the last whorl are slightly elevated above early whorls. The chambers are separated by deep straight radial septal and spiral sutures. The surface of the initial chambers of the last whorl is slightly spinate, becoming smooth on late chambers of the last whorl. On the umbilical and spiral sides, chambers of the last whorl are covered with irregularly oriented crater-like pores. On the spiral side, crater-like pores are positioned more densely than on the umbilical side; pore openings are up to 1.0 μm in diameter and craters around pore openings are up to 2.3 μm in diameter. The aperture is moderately arched, with a relatively narrow supra-apertural lip, which extends from the periphery to the umbilical region. The umbilical region is widely open, partially covered by relict supra-apertural lips (porticos). The periphery is widely rounded, covered by small widely spaced cylindrical pores without craters.

Holotype GIN, no. 4792/4: long diameter, 180µm; small diameter, 130µm; thickness of early chambers of the last whorl, 50µm; shell thickness in the last whorl, 90µm.

From the Latin prae

Extra details from original publication
Comparison. The new species is closely similar in morphology to the type species of the genus and differs from it in the fine-spinate rather than smooth shell surface, more closely positioned crater-like pores on the umbilical and spiral sides, and in the porous periphery of chambers of the last whorl. It differs from Liuenella sp. from the Upper Campanian (Korchagin, 2011) in the spinate rather than smooth shell surface.

Material. Twelve well-preserved shells.


Korchagin, O. A. (2011a). New species of planktonic foraminifers of the genus Liuenella from the Middle-Upper Turonian of the Crimea, Ukraine. Paleontological Journal. 45: 593-598. gs


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