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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Lunatriella Eicher&Worstell 1970

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Lunatriella spinifera Eicher&Worstell 1970
= Lunatriella spinifera


Citation: Lunatriella Eicher&Worstell 1970
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Lunatriella spinifera Eicher and Worstell 1970

Current identification/main database link: Lunatriella Eicher and Worstell 1970

Original Description

Test elongate; initial portion of nearly equi dimensional chambers arranged biserially like Heterohelix; later portion composed of vertically elongated chambers which form an irregularly uniserial pattern; sutures depressed: later chambers with or without spinelike lateral projections; aperture in early biserial chambers a high arch with lateral apertural lips: aperture in elongate later chambers terminal, the lateral apertural lips merging below the aperture into a troughlike projection which is attached to the preceding chamber; wall of radia lly arranged calcite, finely perforate.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: Because Lunatriella has an early biserial chamber arrangement, it is inferred that this genus developed from Heterohelix. It differs from Heterohelix in the uniserial arrangement of the elongate later chambers. Though Bifarina similarly consists of an early Heterohelix-like arrangement of chambers followed by a uniserial arrangement, the uniserial chambers of Bifarina are more nearly equidimensional and are aligned in a nearly straight series. Moreover, Bifarina possesses neither spines nor apertural lips that merge into troughlike extensions.


Eicher, D. L. & Worstell, P. (1970). Lunatriella, a Cretaceous heterohelicid foraminifer from the western interior of the United States. Micropaleontology. 16(1): 117-121. gs


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