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Marginotruncana Hofker, 1956
= Marginotruncana

Mariannenina Fuchs 1973

Mariannenina multiloculata
Mariannenina nitida
Mariannenina pseudoplanispiralis
Mariannenina pulchra

Meridionalla El-Nakhal 1982

Mermaidogerina Apthorpe 2020

Mermaidogerina loopae

Microhedbergella Huber&Leckie, 2011
= Microhedbergella
Microhedbergella miniglobularis
Microhedbergella praeplanispira
Microhedbergella pseudodelrioensis
Microhedbergella pseudoplanispira
Microhedbergella renilaevis

Morozovella McGowran 1968
= Morozovella
Morozovella allisonensis
Morozovella bandyi
Morozovella protocarina
Morozovella rajasthanensis
Morozovella tarabulusi

Morozovelloides Pearson&Berggren 2006
= Morozovelloides

Muricoglobigerina Blow 1979
= Acarinina
Muricoglobigerina dukhani

Muricohedbergella Huber&Leckie, 2011
= Muricohedbergella

Mutabella Pearson et al. 2001
= Mutabella
Mutabella mirabilis


Citation: M
taxonomic rank: na

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