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Morozovella allisonensis Kelly et al. 1998
= Morozovella allisonensis
Morozovella bandyi Fleisher 1974
= Morozovelloides bandyi
Morozovella protocarina Corfield 1989
= Morozovella angulata
Morozovella rajasthanensis Kalia and Kintso 2006

Morozovella tarabulusi Eliagoubi 1986


Citation: Morozovella McGowran 1968
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Pulvinulina velascoensis Cushman

Current identification/main database link: Morozovella McGowran 1968

See also: Globorotalia (Morozovella) - also used a sub-genus;

Original Description

Species of Truncorotaloides with distinctly conical chambers, a peripheral margin varying from subangular and angular in most specimens in a population to thickened and keeled, a pseudoumbilicus poorly defined where umbilical shoulders are low and umbilicus is constricted, and well-defined and deep where umbilical shoulders are high and angular, and sporadic occurrence of sutural apertures.

Editors' Notes
The name Morozovella was informally proposed by McGowran in his PhD thesis (McGowran 1962). Luterbacher (1964) had seen this work and cited the name as Morozovella McGowran. McGowran's work was finally published as McGowran (1968) and he cited the genus there as "Morozovella McGowran in Luterbacher 1964". This citation has often been used, however, Loeblich & Tappan (1988) noted that it is incorrect, since Luterbacher (1964) did not reccomend using the name but rather treated it as a synonym (p. 645), hence the name did not become available until it was properly published in McGowran (1968). It follows that the correct citation is Morozovella McGowran 1968 [editor's comment - JRY 2018, following correspondence with F. LeCoze]


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McGowran, B. (1962). Foraminifera and biostratigraphy of the Australian Maastrichtian and Paleocene. In, p392 (ed.) . PhD thesis, Adelaide University 1-392. gs

McGowran, B. J. (1968). Reclassification of Early Tertiary Globorotalia. Micropaleontology. 14: 179-198. gs


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