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Muricoglobigerina dukhani Hewaidy&Al-Hitmi 1994


Citation: Muricoglobigerina Blow 1979
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina soldadoensis Bronnimann, 1952.

Current identification/main database link: Acarinina Subbotina, 1953

Original Description

Trochospirally coiled Globigerinacea and Globigerapsidae in which the primary aperture is interiomarginal, intraumbilical in position. The walls of the test bear muricae (see p. 395) which in the more extreme forms may become so closely and densely packed as to form a murical-sheath (see p. 410) and to resemble a thickened primary test wall. The muricae are usually better developed over the ventral surfaces of the test. There are no true supplementary or accessory apertures although adventitious, small sutural openings may occur, especially on the dorsal side, due to the interference by the muricae at the line or plane of junction of successively added chambers. No true bullae present.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: The genus includes those morphotypes which have a muricate wall (see p. 413 for definitions) and which have a trochospiral coiling-type combined with an interiomarginal, intraumbilical primary aperture. Most forms show a fairly open (lax) coiling-mode but one specialised form is tightly coiled (M. senni).


Blow, W. H. (1979). The Cainozoic Globigerinida: A study of the morphology, taxonomy, evolutionary relationships and stratigraphical distribution of some Globigerinida (mainly Globigerinacea). E. J. Brill, Leiden. 2: 1-1413. gs


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