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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Mutabella Pearson et al. 2001

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Mutabella mirabilis Pearson et al. 2001
= Mutabella mirabilis


Citation: Mutabella Pearson et al. 2001
taxonomic rank: Genus

Current identification/main database link: Mutabella Pearson, Norris & Empson 2001

Original Description

Test trochospiral, with a tendency for planispiral coiling in the final whorl; chambers globular to ovate; aperture variable, from intraumbilical to extraumbilical or axially symmetric, commonly with umbilical tooth-plate; wall microperforate, pustulose, with pustules situated between the pores. Supplementary sutural and areal apertures sometimes occur.

Adult test size: 200-450 m

From Latin ‘‘mutabilis’’ changeable.

Extra details from original publication
Stratigraphic Range. Lower to middle Miocene.

Remarks. Mutabella has a similar or identical wall texture to the genera Tenuitella Fleisher, Globigerinita Brönnnimann, and Globigerinatella Cushman and Stainforth, all of which also occur in the lower Miocene. It is distinguished from Tenuitella principally by its larger size, the frequent development of an umbilical tooth-plate, and the presence of supplementary sutural or areal apertures on some specimens. It differs from Globigerinita principally by the larger number of chambers per whorl, the frequent presence of an umbilical tooth-plate, and the apertural position, which is usually asymmetrical. It differs from Globigerinatella by having a lower trochospiral chamber arrangement, a less globular morphology, and an umbilical tooth-plate in some specimens, and by lacking multiple superimposed chamber-like bullae.


Pearson, P. N., Norris, R. D. & Empson, A. (2001b). Mutabella mirabilis gen. et sp. nov., a Miocene microperforate planktonic foraminifer with an extreme level of intraspecific variability. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 31: 120-132. gs


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