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Neoacarinina blowi Thompson 1973

Neoacarinina conglomerata subsp. ventriosa Fordham 1986


Citation: Neoacarinina Thompson 1973
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Neoacarinina blowi Thompson 1973

Current identification:

Original Description

Test large, strongly inflated, composed of globigerine chambers; spiral side nearly flat; umbilical side strongly convex; umbilicus small and variable due to the variable shape of the final chamber, which may be quite large and extend over the umbilicus; wall calcareous, perforate, densely spinose; spines coarse, having a circular cross section, rod like, frequently multiple on the same spine base.

The generic name Neoacarinina is proposed because of the great similarity of this form to the Paleogene genus Acarinina Subbotina, 1953.

Extra details from original publication
Occurrence: First discovered in the late Pleistocene of the Crozet Basin in the southwest Indian Ocean. Its range has not yet been determined

Editors' Notes
Opinion of Brummer & Kucera 2022
Established to highlight the prominent branching pustules distinguishing it from Globorotalia. In our opinion, N. blowi is congeneric with living G. inflata, if not conspecific, perhaps pseudocryptic. As a result, Neoacarinina may be considered the senior objective synonym of Globoconella Bandy, 1975, and thus, in case the concept of Globorotalia is to be split into the constituent lineages, the nature of Neoacarinina would have to be clarified.


Thompson, P. R. (1973). Two new late Pleistocene foraminifera from a core in the southwest Indian Ocean. Micropaleontology. 19: 469-474. gs


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