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Citation: Orbulinidae Schultze 1854
taxonomic rank: Family
Type species: Orbulina d'Orbigny 1839

Current identification:

Editors' Notes
According to Banner & Blow (1959) this family is a synonym of the Globigerinidae and was supressed by ICZN opinion 552.
"We greatly regret the opinion rendered by the I.C.Z.N. (opinion552), which rejected the prior family name Orbulinidae Schultze in favour of Globigerinidae Carpenter on the grounds of usage, since the change seems to us to be quite unnecessary, and some of the facts given in the proposal (Dusenbury 1957, Bull. Zool. Nomenc. 13, part 6) can be shown to be incorrect - for example, the range ofthe genus Globigerina is not so great as that claimed by Dusenbury (op. cit., p. 194) and the apparent abundance of the genus Globigerina in Recent deposits is reduced when the interpretation of that genus is restricted." [Banner & Blow 1959 p2-3].

Despite this opinion the name can still be used as a sub-family:  Orbulininae Schultze 1854 - and it has been used at this level by for instance Cushman 1927 and Banner & Blow 1959


Banner, F. T. & Blow, W. H. (1959). The classification and stratigraphical distribution of the Globigerinaceae. Palaeontology. 2(1): 1-27. gs

Schultze, M. (1854). Ueber den Organismus der Polythalamien (Foraminiferen) nebst Bermerkungen über die Rhizopoden im allgemeinen. Leipzig. -. gs


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