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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Parasubbotina Olsson, Hemleben, Berggren,&Liu 1992

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Parasubbotina eoclava Coxall, Huber, & Pearson 2003
= Parasubbotina eoclava
Parasubbotina pseudowilsoni Olsson & Pearson 2006
= Parasubbotina pseudowilsoni


Citation: Parasubbotina Olsson, Hemleben, Berggren,&Liu 1992
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina pseudobulloides Plummer, 1926.
Described on page(s) : 197

Current identification/main database link: Parasubbotina Olsson, Hemleben, Berggren, and Liu, 1992

Original Description

Test very low trochospiral with 10-12 chambers, and with 4 to 5 chambers in the ultimate whorl. The chambers which are inflated globular and slightly ovoid in shape increase rapidly in size. The apenure is interiomarginal, umbilical to extraumbilical, a high rounded arch which is bordered by a narrow lip. The umbilicus is narrow, deep and open to the previous chambers. The wall is weakly to strongly cancellate and spinose. Spine holes are numerous and located at the junction of and along the cancellate ridges. They may be obscured by gametogenetic and/or diagenetic calcification.

Extra details from original publication
Parasubbotina first appears in the upper part of Zone W and occurs rarely in Zone Pa. It ranges probably into zone P4 but its total range is not yet established. Two species are identified in the early Paleocene Zone P1, P. pseudobulloides and P. varianta. The earliest form referable to Parasubbotina is identified here as P. aff. pseudobulloides and occurs in Zones P0 and Pa. Parasubbotina is distinguished from Eoglobigerina by its very low trochospiral test, chambers that increase rapidly in size in the ultimate whorl, and by the high-arched umbilical to extraumbilical aperture. The first two characteristics separate it from the nonspinose genus Praemurica gen. nov. The rate of size increase of chambers in the ultimate whorl in Praemurica is much lower than in Parasubbotina. The number of chambers in the ultimate whorl in Parasubbotina never exceeds 5 whereas in Praemurica there is often 6 or more.


Olsson, R. K., Hemleben, C., Berggren, W. A. & Liu, C. (1992). Wall Texture Classification of planktonic foraminifera genera in the Lower Danian. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 22(3): 195-213. gs


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