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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Parvularugoglobigerina Hofker, 1978

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Parvularugoglobigerina alticonusa Li et al. 1995

Parvularugoglobigerina perexigua Li et al. 1995


Citation: Parvularugoglobigerina Hofker, 1978
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina eugubina Luterbacher and Premoli Silva, 1964
Type age (chronostrat): uppermost Maastrichtian

Current identification/main database link: Parvularugoglobigerina (Hofker, 1978), emended

Original Description

Very small species with 3-6 chambers in the last-formed whorl; at the dorsal side all chambers visible; at the ventral side only those of the last-formed coil; chambers globular, with sutures depressed on both sides; umbilical cavity very small; walls thin, consisting of one lamella, with small pustules in between the pores; often the pustules are found in rows, as in Rugoglobigerina. Pores fine, pipelike, at the surface ending in a funnel, as in some species they end in pits of the wall. Aperture an umbilical-extraumbilical, crescentlike opening, with slightly thickened border, or a narrow poreless lip.

The genus is found in a short period just at the end of the uppermost Maastrichtian.

The extraumbilical aperture may be explained as caused by the small umbilical hollow and seems to be due to a slight torsion of the chambers; in initial chambers the apertures are umbilically placed; as a whole the genus is not unlike Hedbergella, though there are some different characteristics. Parvularugoglobigerina seems to be the atavistic end of the Hedbergella-Rugoglobigerina lineage. The structural features of the test walls in these genera are alike: the walls consist of fine radial crystals.


Hofker, J. (1978). Analysis of a large succession of samples through the Upper Maastrichtian and Lower Tertiary of Drill Hole 47.2, Shatsky Rise, Pacific, Deep Sea Drilling Project. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 8(1): 46-75. gs


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