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Pseudocaucasina antecessor Arenillas & Arz 2017


Citation: Pseudocaucasina Arenillas & Arz 2017
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Pseudocaucasina antecessor Arenillas & Arz 2017
Type age (chronostrat): Early Danian

Current identification:

Original Description

Test small, elongate, subcylindrical to aring, high trochospiral, heteromorphic, initially with 4–4.5 chambers per whorl and nally triserial. Aperture intraumbilical emplaced in the slightly depressed apertural face of the last chamber, loop-shaped, bordered by a thin lip. Wall texture smooth, with tiny pores (<1 μm in diameter).

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. Pseudocaucasina gen. nov. differs from Caucasina in having more incised sutures, more globular chambers and usually a lower number of chambers in the first whorl. Parvularugoglobigerina is low trochospiral throughout, and usually with fewer chambers in the first whorl, and a uniform number of chambers per whorl. Palaeoglobigerina has fewer chambers in the first whorl, and a uniform number of chambers per whorl. Guembelitria is triserial and has a wall texture with pore-mounds, and a more rounded aperture. Trochoguembelitria differs in having a pustulate to rugose wall texture and a wider aperture. Globoconusa differs in having a pustulate wall texture and fewer chambers in the first whorl.

Occurrence. Lowermost Danian, from the upper part of Zone P0 to the lower part of Zone Pα, i.e. from upper part of the Hedbergella holmdelensis Subzone to the upper part of the Parvularugoglobigerina longiapertura Subzone of the Guembelitria cretacea Zone of Arenillas et al. (2004).

Derivation of name: Prefix pseudo- (false, imitation) in order to indicate that it resembles, but it is not, the genus Caucasina Khalilov, 1951.


Arenillas, I. & Arz, J. A. (2017). Benthic origin and earliest evolution of the first planktonic foraminifera after the Cretaceous/Palaeogene boundary mass extinction. Historical Biology. 29: 25-42. gs


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