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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Riveroinella Bermudez & Seiglie 1967

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Riveroinella martinezpicoi Bermudez & Seiglie 1967
= Riveroinella martinezpicoi


Citation: Riveroinella Bermudez & Seiglie 1967
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Riveroinella martinezpicoi Bermudez & Seiglie 1967
Type age (chronostrat): Early Miocene

Current identification/main database link: Riveroinella Bermúdez & Seiglie 1967

Original Description

Test free, small, planispiral, lobate. periphery subacuneate, not carinate. Chambers gradually enlarging, one side plane and the opposite inflated, alternating plane and inflated sides in successive chambers; early chambers are generally covered by the inflated side of Iater chambers. Sutures rather depressed and sometimes curved backward on periphery on the plane side of the chambers. Wall aragonitic. transparent with slightly elongated white spots, finely and uniformly perforated. Aperture, elongated, peripheral, provided with a lip; foramen an elongated slightly oblique slit provided with a lip; the lips of older apertures are so well marked on sutures that in some specimens the latest suture appears to have an accessory aperture.

dedicated to Dr. Frances Charlron Rivero from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, Caraca, Venezuela.

Extra details from original publication
Age: Early Miocene.

Remarks: This genus is distinguished from all other genera by the planispiral test, aragonitic wall, peripheral aperture and alternating inflated and plane sides in successive chambers. The wall of this genus has the milky white "drawings" on transparent or semitransparent walls that are characteristic of aragonitic rests. The "drawings" of Riveroinella consist of elongated white spots.

The most similar genus in relation to the shape is Ganella Aurouze and Boulanger 1954; however, it has a calcitic test and has been included in the family Anomalinidae. With the exception of the aragonitic test. Riveroinella is distinguished by its depressed sutures, non carinate periphery and alternating inflated and plane sides in successive chambers.


Bermudez, P. J. & Seiglie, G. A. (1967). A new genus and species of foraminifer from the Early Miocene of Puerto Rico. Tulane Studies in Geology. 5(3): 177-199. gs


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