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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Streptochilus Bronniman & Resig 1971

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Streptochilus cetacensis Smart and Thomas (2007)
= Streptochilus cetacense
Streptochilus dubeyi Petters 1983

Streptochilus globiger subsp. infirmirugosus Fordham 1986

Streptochilus inglei Miranda-Martínez et al. 2017
= Streptochilus inglei
Streptochilus latum Brönnimann & Resig 1971
= Streptochilus latum
Streptochilus macdougallae Miranda-Martínez and Carreño 2017, in Miranda-Martínez et al. 2017
= Streptochilus macdougallae
Streptochilus mascarenensis Smart and Thomas (2007)
= Streptochilus mascarenense
Streptochilus pristinum Brönnimann & Resig 1971
= Streptochilus pristinum
Streptochilus rockallkiddensis Smart and Thomas (2007)
= Streptochilus rockallkiddense
Streptochilus subglobigerum Resig 1989
= Streptochilus subglobigerum
Streptochilus tasmanensis Smart & Thomas 2018
= Streptochilus tasmanense
Stretptochilus tokelauae subsp. flexiserialis Fordham 1986


Citation: Streptochilus Bronniman & Resig 1971
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Bolivina tokelauae Boersma

Current identification/main database link: Streptochilus Bronnimann and Resig, 1971

Original Description

Test biserial, sometimes twisted; wall calcareous per- forate; aperture a high arch, eccentric in position, extending from the base of the last chamber onto the apertural face. On the outside margin, a collar borders the aperture. Near the base of the inside margin, the collar and apertural edge are turned inward, producing a plate-like connection with the proximal margin of the collar of the previous aperture. The length of the test varies between 75 and 300 microns.

from streptos, Gr., twisted, + cheilos, Gr., lip, denoting the change to an inward directed lip.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This genus probably evolved from Chiloguembelina, which it resembles, through infolding of the inner margin of the aperture. In view of its apparent close affinity to Chiloguembelina, the rather simple modification of the interior does not seem to warrant exclusion of this genus from classification within the Heterohelicidae. No tooth plates, such as characterize the Bolivinitidae, occur in members of this genus, and no stage of development other than biserial was observed in any specimens assigned to this taxon.

Geologic range: Lower Miocene-Recent.


Brönnimann, P. & Resig, J. (1971). A Neogene globigerinacean biochronologic time-scale of the southwestern Pacific. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 7(2): 1235-1469. gs O


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