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Citation: Trilobigerina Popescu 1987
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globigerina triloba Reuss

Current identification/main database link: Trilobatus Spezzaferri et al. 2015

Original Description

This genus includes species formerly considered to belong to Globigerinoides, having a surface distinctly cancellate, well-developed, deep, conical pores, which sometimes are hexagonal at the surface of the test, separated by inporulated ridge; the last chamber tends to become higher, subglobular or compressed in the spiral plane (branch irregularis - subsacculifera - sacculifera - fistulosa).

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. The genus differs from typical Globigerinoides (the branch obliquus - ruber) in its ultrastructure, in rapidly increasing chambers and the tendency of the last chambers to become higher, subglobular or compressed in the spiral plane, and in the shape of the pores

Editors' Notes
This genus appears to be a senior synonym of Trilobatus - as noted by Paul Pearson in comments on the Trilobatus page an application to ICZN to handle this has been formally submitted (case number 3837), and so the name Trilobatus should be used until this is application has been considered.


Popescu, G. (1987). Marine Middle Miocene microbiostratigraphical correlation in Central Paratethys. Dari de Seama ale Sedintelor Institutul de Geologie si Geofizica. 72(3): 149-167. gs


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Comments (4)

Paul Pearson

Sorry, for clarification that should be Art 23.9.3 which refers ro Art 82:

"Article 82. Status of case under consideration

82.1. Maintenance of prevailing usage

When a case is under consideration by the Commission, prevailing usage (see Glossary) of names is to be maintained until the ruling of the Commission is published.

82.2. Date when consideration is deemed to begin

A case is deemed to be under consideration by the Commission from the date of publication in the Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature of the notice of receipt of the case."

The case was originally published in December 2020

Paul Pearson

(Update as of May 2023)

The Trilobatus / Trilobigerina priority case is still listed online at ICZN as a 'new application'.

Apparently there is a substantial backlog dealing with cases.

Article 29.9.3 says "While the case is under consideration use of the junior name is to be maintained" so Trilobatus should be used NOT Trilobigerina.

Paul Pearson

This name is spelled incorrectly. It should be Trilobigerina. Perhaps it would be best to delete this page and set up a new one with correct spelling? Also, please note that a case has been submitted to ICZN to partially suppress Trilobigerina for the purpose of priority in favour of Trilobatus. While the case is ongoing Trilobigerina should not be used (see my comment under Trilobatus).

Jeremy Young(UK)

Thanks Paul - I have renamed the page/entry now (accurate typing is not a superpower of mine so to compensate the system is designed to allow painless correction of mistakes). Good to hear the case has been submitted to ICZN to clear this up and I will add a note that effect