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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Trochoguembelitria Arenillas, et al. 2012

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Trochoguembelitria liuae Arenillas et al. 2016

Trochoguembelitria olssoni Arenillas et al. 2016


Citation: Trochoguembelitria Arenillas, et al. 2012
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Guembelitria? alabamensis Liu & Olsson, 1992.

Current identification:

Original Description

Trochospiral test, initially triserial or trochospiral. Outline lobate, with incised sutures. Aperture intraumbilical or umbilical-extraumbilical, semicircular to slightly elongated and asymmetrical, with a thin imperforate lip. Wall calcareous hyaline, rugose by perforate and/or imperforate rugosities, and isolated pore-mounds and/or imperforate papillas, irregularly distributed. Secondary granular crust often covering the wall and ornamentation.

The generic name, Trochoguembelitria, is derived from the Greek prefix trocho-, meaning wheel, which is added to the genus name Guembelitria. The prefix refers to the trochospiral coiling.

Extra details from original publication
Occurrence: Lower Danian, from the E. simplicissima Subzone (middle part of the Pv. eugubina Zone) to the middle part of the S. triloculinoides Subzone (middle part of the P. pseudobulloides Zone), i.e., from the middle-upper part of Pa to the middle part of P1b of berggren & Pearson (2005).

Remarks: Guembelitria s. s. differs from Trochoguembelitria n. gen. in having pore-mounded wall texture and triserial arrangement throughout. Arz et al. (2010) showed other wall texture types in Guembelitria, but they are not rugose. Globoconusa differs in having a pustulate wall texture, with sharp, more sparsely distributed pustules. Parvularuglobigerina and Palaeoglobigerina differ in having smooth wall textures, also often covered with a secondary granular crust. Trochospiral specimens with rugose wall texture rst occur in the E. simplicissima Subzone (middle-upper part of the Zone Pa), but they are abundant only in the transition between Pv. eugubina (Pa) and P. pseudobulloides (P1) Zones. These specimens were already documented by Liu & Olsson (1992, 1994) and Olsson et al. (1992, 1999). However, they considered them as belonging to Parvularugoglobigerina after emending the genus. This emendation was proposed to redefine the type of wall texture, since they considered that Parvularugoglobigerina sometimes exhibit pore-mounds, illustrating trochospiral specimens with a pore-mounded rugose wall. We now include these rugose forms in Trochoguembelitria n. gen.


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Olsson, R. K., Hemleben, C., Berggren, W. A. & Huber, B. T. (1999). Atlas of Paleocene Planktonic Foraminifera. Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington, DC. 1-252. gs


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