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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Turborotalia Cushman&Bermúdez, 1949

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Turborotalia altispiroides Bermúdez 1961
= Turborotalia altispiroides
Turborotalia bannerblowi Blaicher 1970

Turborotalia bykovae Aisenstat, in Subbotina et al 1960

Turborotalia cambayensis Mukhopadhyay 2005

Turborotalia centralis perfecta Podobina 1998

Turborotalia clemenciae Bermúdez 1961
= Tenuitella clemenciae
Turborotalia czeczvaensis Myatliuk 1970

Turborotalia hirsutoides Ujiié 2003

Turborotalia kotarduensis Mukhopadhyay 2005

Turborotalia lata Lipps 1964

Turborotalia munda franzenaui Sztrakos 1974

Turborotalia pseudoampliapertura nukhulensis Haggag&Luterbacher 1995
= Turborotalia ampliapertura
Turborotalia pseudoampliapertura sinaiensis Haggag&Luterbacher 1995
= Turborotalia ampliapertura
Turborotalia pseudobesa Salvatorini 1967
= Globigerinella pseudobesa
Turborotalia vagalkhodensis Mukhopadhyay 2005


Citation: Turborotalia Cushman&Bermúdez, 1949
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globorotalia centralis Cushman and Bermudez 1937

Current identification/main database link: Turborotalia Cushman and Bermúdez, 1949

See also: Globorotalia centralis -type species;Turborotalia (Turborotalia) - also used a sub-genus;

Original Description

see Turborotalia (Turborotalia)


Cushman, J. A. & Bermudez, P. J. (1949). Some Cuban species of Globorotalia. Contributions from the Cushman Laboratory for Foraminiferal Research. 25: 26-45. gs O


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