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Whiteinella archaeocretacea Pessagno 1967
= Whiteinella archaeocretacea
Whiteinella baltica Douglas&Rankin 1969
= Whiteinella baltica


Citation: Whiteinella Pessagno 1967
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Whiteinella archaeocretaceae Pessagno 1967

Current identification/main database link: Whiteinella Pessagno 1967

Original Description

Test low trochospiral coil with shallow umbilicus; lacking carinae, but often having imperforate peripheral bands; primaty aperture extraumbilical-umbilical in position often nearly umbilical with large portici; portici having infralaminal accessory apertures situated near suture contacts, but lacking inramanial accesory apertures. Outer wall radial hyaline perforate: septal wall microgranular hyaline, perforate: portici minogranular hyaline, perforate(?).

Whiteinella is named for the late Maynard P. White in honor of his early contriibution to the Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Tampico area of Mexico.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks.- Whiteinella Pessagno. new genus differs from Marginotruncana Hofker by lacking single or double carinae. It differs from Hedbergella by possessing much larger portici and by the more umbilical position of the primary aperture.

It is likely that Globigerina holzli Hagn and Zeil (1954, pp.51-52. pl. 2, figs. 8a-c) should be included under Whiteinella new genus. Likewise, Ticinella aprica Loeblich and Tappan (1961, p. 291, pl. 4, figs. 15. l6a-c: ?14) from the Turonian (not Cenomanian as stated by Loeblich and Tappan 1961) Arcadia Park formation should be assigned to Whiteinella, new genus instead of Ticinella as it lacks supplementary apertures umbilically. The umbilical view of the holotype (T. aprica Loeblich and Tappan. pl.4, fig.16b) clearly shows the large portici with infralaminal apertures characteristic of Whiteinella n. gen. and indeed of all well-prserved Marginotruncanidae. The primary aperture of T. aprica Loeblich and Tappan is described as being extraumbilical-umbilical in position oriented somewhat toward the plane of coiling. It is also possible that T. aprica Loeblich and Tappan is a junior synonym of G. holzli Hagn and Zeil.

 M. helvetica assemblage zone to G. bulloides assemblage zone. Turonian to Santonian


Pessagno, E. A. (1967). Upper Cretaceous planktonic foraminifera from the western Gulf Coastal Plain. Palaeontographica Americana. 5: 245-445. gs O


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