Streptochilus latum

Classification: pf_cenozoic -> Benthic origins -> Streptochilus -> Streptochilus latum
Sister taxa: S. globulosum, S. globigerum, S. latum, S. subglobigerum, S. inglei, S. macdougallae ⟩⟨ S. cetacense, S. mascarenense, S. pristinum, S. rockallkiddense, S. tasmanense ⟩⟨ S. martini, S. sp.


Citation: Streptochilus latum Bronniman & Resig 1971
Rank: species
Basionym: Streptochilus latum Bronniman & Resig 1971
Taxonomic discussion: Orthography: The spelling of the name was changed to Streptochilus latus by Miranda-Martinez et al. 2017, however as explained on the page for S. pristinum the name Streptochilus is in fact neuter and so latum is the correct form.

Catalog entries: Streptochilus latum

Type images:

Distinguishing features: Rapidly expanding test, with smooth wall and aperture

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Character matrix

test outline:Triangularchamber arrangement:Biserialedge view:Compressedaperture:Interiomarginal
sp chamber shape:Subrectangularcoiling axis:N/Aperiphery:N/Aaperture border:Thin flange
umb chbr shape:Subrectangularumbilicus:N/Aperiph margin shape:Broadly roundedaccessory apertures:None
spiral sutures:Moderately depressedumb depth:N/Awall texture:Smoothshell porosity:Microperforate: <1µm
umbilical or test sutures:Moderately depressedfinal-whorl chambers:2.0-2.0 N.B. These characters are used for advanced search. N/A - not applicable

Biogeography and Palaeobiology

Geographic distribution:

Most likely ancestor: Streptochilus subglobigerum - at confidence level 2 (out of 5). Data source: Resig 1989, fig. 2.
Likely descendants: Streptochilus globigerum; plot with descendants

Biostratigraphic distribution

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within N17b zone (5.72-6.60Ma, top in Messinian stage). Data source: Resig 1989
First occurrence (base): within N16 zone (8.58-9.83Ma, base in Tortonian stage). Data source: Resig 1989

Plot of occurrence data:


Brönnimann, P. & Resig, J. (1971). A Neogene globigerinacean biochronologic time-scale of the southwestern Pacific. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 7(2): 1235-1469. gs V O

Miranda-Martinez, A. Y., Carreño, A. L. & McDougall, K. (2017). The Neogene genus Streptochilus (Brönnimann and Resig, 1971) from the Gulf of California. Marine Micropaleontology. 132: 35-52. gs

Resig, J. M. (1989). Stratigraphic distribution of late Neogene species of the planktonic foraminifer Streptochilus in the Indo-Pacific. Micropaleontology. 35(49-62): -. gs


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Specific epithet should be "latum" as given by Brönnimann, P. & Resig, J. (1971). "The name Streptochilus is derived from streptos, Greek for ‘twisted’ and cheilos, Greek for ‘lip’ (Brönnimann and Resig, 1971), with the latter word neuter, thus requiring pristinum as the specific name. [Smart & Thomas 2018]" as mentionned on Mikrotax (the great database) page about S. pristinum. Other species of this genus should also be quoted with a neuter epithet.



Jeremy Young (Tonbridge, UK)

I can't really argue with that!

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