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Hedbergella handousi

Classification: pf_mesozoic -> Hedbergellidae -> Hedbergella -> Hedbergella handousi
Sister taxa: H. aptiana, H. bizonae, H. bollii, H. compacta, H. excelsa, H. gorbachikae, H. handousi, H. hexacamerata, H. hispaniae, H. infracretacea, H. kuhryi, H. kuznetsovae, H. labocaensis, H. luterbacheri, H. maslakovae, H. mitra, H. modesta, H. occulta, H. praelippa, H. praetrocoidea, H. primare, H. quadricamerata> >>


Citation: Hedbergella handousi (Salaj, 1984)
taxonomic rank: Species
Basionym: Caucasella handousi

Type images:

Original description: Test small. Coiled in a very low to planar trochospire consisting of two and half whorls; peripheral margin quadrate lobate; four chambers in the last whorl, increasing quadrally in sizes as added; chambers globular, somewhat ovoidal on both spiral and umbilical sides, separated by deeply incised sutures; chambers typical ovoidal in peripheral view; sutures radial, slightly curved on both spiral and umbilical sides; wall fine-perforate, surface smooth; primary aperture highly arcuate, extra-umbilical-umbilical bordered by an imperforate flap; umbilicus circular, deep.

Entries in the Catalog of original descriptions: Caucasella handousi

Emended description:

Test small to medium, coiled on a low trochospire; 2 to 2.5 whorls; 4 to 4.5 chambers in the outer whorl increasing rather rapidly but fairly gradually in size as added; chambers globular to subglobular, laterally slightly compressed except the last globular one; equatorial periphery cross-shaped, lobate; sutures depressed, radial mainly straight; umbilical area medium sized and shallow; aperture as a low to medium arch bordered by a lip. Wall smooth, finely perforate. [copied from Chronos database]

Character matrix
test outline:Lobatechamber arrangement:Trochospiraledge view:Compressedaperture:Extraumbilical
sp chamber shape:Inflatedcoiling axis:Lowperiphery:N/Aaperture border:Thin lip
umb chbr shape:Inflatedumbilicus:Narrowperiph margin shape:Broadly roundedaccessory apertures:None
spiral sutures:Strongly depressedumb depth:Shallowwall texture:Smoothshell porosity:Finely Perforate: 1-2.5┬Ám
umbilical or test sutures:Strongly depressedfinal-whorl chambers:4-4.5 N.B. These characters are used for advanced search. N/A - not applicable

Geological Range:
Last occurrence (top): within Hauterivian Stage (126.50-132.60Ma, top in Hauterivian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]
First occurrence (base): within Hauterivian Stage (126.50-132.60Ma, base in Hauterivian stage). Data source: [copied from Chronos database]

Plot of range and occurrence data:


Salaj, J. (1984). Foraminifers and detailed microbiostratigraphy of the boundary beds of the Lower Cretaceous stages in the Tunisian Atlas. Geologiscky Zbornik -Geologica Carpathica. 35(5): 583-599. gs


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