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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Eohastigerinella Morozova 1957

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Citation: Eohastigerinella Morozova 1957
Rank: Genus
Type species: Hastigerinella watersi Cushman 1931

Current identification/main database link: Eohastigerinella Morozova 1957

See also: Hastigerinella watersi - type species;

Original Description

Translation from the Russian. - Test planispiral, in the early stage of the microspheric generation trochoidal, not completely involute. Chambers elongate. lobate, digitate, with traces of attached spicules. Aperture slitlike basal. Wall thin, finely canceIlate. perforate.

Family Hantkenininidae. Upper Cretaceous-Eocene.



Extra details from original publication
Representatives of this genus were originally refered to the genus Hastigerinella, known from the Upper Tertiary and Recent, and characterized by the radial arrangement of chambers in several planes. In Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene and Eocene deposits there is a widely distributed group of species whose later chambers are situated in the equatorial plane. The morphologic and stratigraphic distinctiveness of this group supplies the basis for assuming that its development is a particular stage in development and thus for separating it as a new genus

Editors' Notes


Morozova, V. G. (1957). On the Foraminiferal superfamily Globigerinidea, nov. and some of its representatives (in Russian). Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR. 114(5): 1109-1112. gs


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