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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Favusella papagayosensis Longoria&Gamper 1977

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Favusella papagayosensis

Citation: Favusella papagayosensis Longoria&Gamper 1977
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: PI. 4, Figs. 16-21; PI. 5, Figs. 16-21; 207240
Type sample (& lithostrat): 41
Type age (chronostrat): Ticinella breggiensis zone, Albian
Type locality: Sabinas Basin, Northern Mexico
Type repository: Washington; USNM (according to record on Chronos database, but there may be a mistake here since neither this specimens nor any others from the publication are included in Washington; USNM online collections database)

Current identification/main database link: Favusella washitensis (Carsey, 1926)

Original Description

Test of medium size, low trochospire, formed by approximately three whorls; peripheral margin elongate, strongly lobulate; generally four chambers in the last whorl which increase gradually in size as added; chambers of the last whorl inflated, petalloid on both umbilical and spiral sides; spherical to ovoid in peripheral view; primary aperture umbilical-extraumbilical; umbilicus small and deep.

This species derives its name from the geographic locality where it was found, the Sierra de Papagayos.

Extra details from original publication
Variation of the species. Favusella papagayosensis n. sp. is abundant in the material studied; and more than 80 specimens were analyzed. Generally, F. papagayosensis displays little morphologic variation. All the specimens observed show four petalloid chambers in the last whorl. The majority of the speci­ mens show an umbilical primary aperture; however, it is common to find specimens with an extraumbilical primary aperture.

Remarks. Favusella papagayosensis n. sp. resembles Favu­sella confusa n. sp. It differs from the latter by the gradual increase in size of the chambers of the last whorl.

Range. Upper Ticinella primula Zone to lower Thalmannin­ella ticinensis Zone.


Longoria, J. F. & Gamper, M. A. (1977). Albian planktoinc foraminifera from the Sabinas Basin of northern Mexico. Journal of Foraminiferal Research. 7(3): 190-215. gs


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