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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina grimsdalei Keijzer 1945

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Globigerina grimsdalei

Citation: Globigerina grimsdalei Keijzer 1945
taxonomic rank: species
Type sample (& lithostrat): Nipe series
Type age (chronostrat): Oligomiocene
Type locality: Locality R 245, about 15 km. north of Deleite on the road to Banes, eastern end of the basin of Santa Isabel de Nipe, eastern part of the Province of Oriente, Cuba (east of 76° W . long. l.) Other localities given: F 298, about 3 km. south of Preston on the road to San Juan Vicente; K 207, about 4 km. north of Miranda on the road to Alto Cedro; R 242, about 5 km. southwest of Banes; T 1439, about 4 km. southwest of Banes; W 274, about 10 km. southwest of Banes, on the road to Deleite; and W 275, about 10 km. north of Deleite on the road to Banes, eastern end of the basin of Santa Isabel de Nipe.
Type repository: Depository not given. [Holotype and paratype probably Geological Institute, University of Utrecht, Netherlands.]

Current identification/main database link: Sphaeroidinellopsis kochi (Caudri, 1934)

Original Description

Test moderately compressed, coarsely perforate and roughly finished. The chambers are arranged in a trochoid spire with four chambers in the last whorl. The last chamber in adult forms differs from the foregoing in the more elongate shape and smoother finish. Each chamber bears one aperture, opening in a deep, but rather narrow ventral umbilicus. On the dorsal side the spiral arrangement of the earlier chambers is visible.

Diameter 0.6-0.9 mm.

Extra details from original publication
The species differs from Globigerinoides sacculiferus (Brady) (Brady, 1884, Rept. Chall., p. 604, pl. LXXX, figs. 11-17; pl. LXXXII, fig. 4 [as Globigerina sacculifera]) in the position of the apertures, and the less elongate shape of the ultimate chamber. The species has value as an index fossil for the Oligomiocene."


Keijzer, F. G. (1945). Outline of the geology of the eastern part of the Province of Oriente, Cuba (E of 76° W.L.), with notes on the geology of other parts of the island. Publicaties uit het Geographisch en uit het Mineralogisch-Geologisch Instituut der Rijksuniversiteit te Utrecht, Physiographisch-Geologische Reeks, ser II,. 6: 1-239. gs


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