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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerina planoexilis Blaicher 1970

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Globigerina planoexilis

Citation: Globigerina planoexilis Blaicher 1970
taxonomic rank: species
Type specimens: p. 170, tf. 10a, b. holotype.: no. 224 74. 5864
Type sample (& lithostrat): uppermost Sub-Menilite Globigerina Marls.
Type age (chronostrat): Lower Oligocene
Type locality: Krosno, Poland; and also found m Poland m borehole Zakopane I.
Type repository: Krakow; Stratigraphic Section of the Carpathian Branch of the Institute of Geology, Krakow, Poland;

Current identification:

Original Description

[Pp. 199. 200]: "Test minute, trochoidal, composed of two or two and a half closely coiled whorls. Number of chambers in test ranges from eight to ten. Three chambers in the last whorl. A part of the fourth chamber in the preceding whorl occasionally poorly visible. Saltatory increase in size between chambers in the last whorl and the older ones. Earlier chambers tiny, rolled into a small compressed spiral excentrically placed on the dorsal side. Last three chambers by their mutual arrangement and the differences in size seem to divide the test into 2 parts, readily observable on the ventral side. Two chambers, nearly equal in size and strongly coalesced, present on one side of the umbilical hollow, on the other side is the third chamber as large or even larger than the two preceding chambers put together: it is pushed away from the preceding chambers and placed opposite the two older ones. The last third chamber strongly inflated, globular, the preceding one laterally compressed. In the axial section through the youngest chamber the test is ovoid in outline, with strongly rounded peripheral margin at the last chamber. Equatorial section ovate. Margin of equatorial section very slightly depressed. Sutures between chambers, both on the dorsal and the ventral side. straight more depressed between convex chambers on ventral side. Umbilical depression very small and shallow. Aperture placed centrally at the base of the last chamber, directed to the umbilical depression, opposite the suture between the two earlier chambers in the last whorl. Aperture sometimes shifted to posterior side of chamber, small, low, arched, provided with a very narrow, occasionally invisible, unporous margin. Dimensions: Greatest diameter 0.1 3-0.20 mm., smallest diameter 0. 11-0. 14 mm.~ height of test 0.10-0.1 2 mm.

Dimensions: Greatest diameter 0.1 3-0.20 mm., smallest diameter 0. 11-0. 14 mm.~ height of test 0.10-0.1 2 mm

Extra details from original publication
Remarks. - In samples from the Menilite Shales - Krosno Beds complex of the Flysch Carpathians and from the Lower Zakopane Beds the species here described is often pyritised and smaller than in the Globigerina assemblages of the Sub-Menilite Globigerina Marls.
Also occurs in the Oligocene in the Menilite Shales-Krosno Beds complex and Lower Zakopane Beds.


Blaicher, J. (1970). "Globigeryny" podmenilitowych margli globigeryn owych. Biuletyn Panstwowego Instytutu Geologicznego. 221(5): 137-204. gs


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