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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinoides tenella Parker 1958

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Globigerinoides tenella

Citation: Globigerinoides tenella Parker 1958
Rank: species
Described on page(s) : 16
Type specimens: Plate 6, figures 7, 8, 9, 10, 11; holotype (U. S. N. M. P6129), figured paratypes (U. S. N. M. P6130 a-d)
Type sample (& lithostrat): ATLANTIS Sta. 4711
Type age (chronostrat): Recent
Type locality: Eastern Medtrranen; ATLANTIS Sta. 4711, Lat. 34.97 N., Long. 19.40E., at a depth of 3309 m.
Type repository: USNM

Linked specimens: USNM-6130 USNM-6129 USNM-431518 USNM-6130 USNM-6130 USNM-6130

Current identification/main database link: Globigerinoides tenellus Parker, 1958

Original Description

Test small for the genus, ratio of width to length ca. 6: 7; chambers rather rapidly increasing in size as added, four in the final whorl, rounded in outline; sutures depressed; wall roughened by dense, short spines; ventral aperture large, almost circular in outline, dorsal aperture small, narrow, at inner inner side of the final chamber, the earlier dorsal apertures in most cases apparently filled by shell material.

Maximum diameter ca. 0.36 mm.


Extra details from original publication
Most specimens, including those at the type locality, are smaller in diameter than 0.36 mm. The test is shaped like that of Globigerina bulloides but differs in its smaller size, more sharply spinose test, and the presence of the dorsal aperture. G. tenella differs from G. rubra in its smaller size, less rounded outline, more spinose test, and smaller number of apertures. The specimens of this species were first thought to represent juvenile forms of some larger species of Globigerinoides but in tracing back the adult forms of known species to the juvenile stages they were isolated and found to be distinct.

Inadvertently in a few cases specimens of Globigerina sp. (pl. 5, fig. 6) were included in the population counts of Globigerinoides tenella in the cores. This is believed to have happened so occasionally as not to materially effect the population counts given in the tables. In general, the species is more common in the warmer periods of the cores. It is also found in the surface sediments.

Editors' Notes


Parker, F. L. (1958). Eastern Mediterranean foraminifera. Reports of the Swedish Deep-Sea Expedition, 1947-1948. 8(4): 217-283. gs


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