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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globigerinopsis aguasayensis Bolli 1962

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Globigerinopsis aguasayensis

Citation: Globigerinopsis aguasayensis Bolli 1962
Rank: species
Type locality: SW of new Aguasay village, Estado Monagas, eastern Venezuela
Type age (chronostrat): Middle Miocene; Globorotalia fohsi robusta zone [M9]
Type sample (& lithostrat): Sinclair Oil and Refining Company well Aguasay 3; Holotype from ditch sample 13390', paratype from ditch sample 8710'.
Type specimens: Pl. I, figs. 1-7; The figured specimens are deposited in the Museum of Natural History, Basel (holotype 2752, paratypes 2751, 2753, 2757, hypotypes 2754-C 2756).
Type repository: Basel, CH; Natural History Museum

Current identification:

Original Description
Test. - Distinctly trochospiral in the early stage, somewhat less pronounced in the last whorl. Equatorial periphery distinctly lobate.
Wall. - Calcareous, perforate; surface finely pitted.
Chambers. - Inflated, laterally often slightly compressed, especially in the last whorl. About twelve, arranged in two and a half to three whorls. The four chambers of the last whorl increase moderately in size. The ultimate chamber is often of the same size as, or may occasionally even be slightly smaller than, the penultimate one.
Sutures. - Radial or slightly oblique, depressed on umbilical and spiral side.
Umbilicus. - Fairly wide and deep.
Aperture. - Arched, interiomarginal, umbilical in early stage; later extending progressively towards the periphery and eventually to the spiral side. In fully grown specimens interiomarginal, spiroumbilical. This type of aperture is often present already in the penultimate and third last chamber. Bordered by a faint rim.
Coiling. - Random.

Size: Largest diameter of holotype. - 0.75 mm.

Etymology: from the locality Aguasay village, Venzuela

Extra details from original publication
Stratigraphic occurrence. - Globorotalia fohsi robusta zone, in beds equivalent to the Bao formation, Dominican Republic. Probably Globorotalia fohsi robusta zone, Oficina formation, eastern Venezuela. This observation is based on ditch samples only, an extension of the range somewhat below and above this zone is therefore possible.

Figured paratypes (pl. I, figs. 1, 7) from ditch samples 6992' and 7820' resp. of Sinclair Oil and Refining Company well Aguasay 2, situated 22.75 km. SW of new Aguasay village, Estado Monagas, eastern Venezuela. Figured hypotypes (pl. I, figs. 4-6) from P. J. Bermudez collection, sample H 20006, collected from outcrop on south side of the small bridge across the Niza rivulet, km 7 of the El Palenque-San Cristobal highway, Trujillo Province, Dominican Republic.

Remarks. - Globigerinopsis aguasayensis, n. sp., differs from Globigerinopsis martin-kayei, n. sp., in the smaller size as added of the chambers in the last whorl, especially in that of the ultimate chamber. While both species occur in the studied Aguasay and other Oficina formation subsurface sections, only Globigerinopsis aguasayensis was found in the single examined sample from the Dominican Republic. It is therefore possible, though it could not be determined with certainty in the available material, that the two species may have slightly different stratigraphic ranges. The specimens from the Oficina formation of eastern Venezuela (Aguasay and other well sections) are usually pyritized and larger in size compared with the very well preserved specimens from the Dominican Republic.


Bolli, H. M. (1962). Globigerinopsis, a new genus of the foraminiferal family Globigerinidae. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae. 55: 282-284. gs V O


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