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CATALOG OF ORIGINAL DESCRIPTIONS: Globotruncana hanzawai Takayanagi 1960

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Globotruncana hanzawai

Citation: Globotruncana hanzawai Takayanagi 1960
taxonomic rank: Species
Type specimens: Holotype:- IGPS coll. cat, no. 74983; Pl. X, Figs 6a-c
Type sample (& lithostrat): sample Sn-365-8'; Upper Yezo group, UpperĀ·Urakawan.
Type locality: IGPS loc. no. Te-17;

Current identification/main database link: Abathomphalus intermedius (Bolli, 1951)

Original Description

Test low trochospiral, slightly convex on dorsal side, strongly convex on ventral side; periphery lobate, with a double keel, usually coalesced into a single keel in last chambers of adult; chambers angular, truncate in early part of whorl, but becoming subangular rhomboid in last one or two chambers, 15 to 20, arranged in about three whorls, usually six chambers, increasing moderately in size in last whorl; sutures on dorsal side gently curved, raised, beaded in early portion, on ventral side nearly straight, radial, depressed; umbilicus shallow, wide; wall calcareous, perforate, surface partially beaded in earlier chambers; primary apertures interiomarginal, umbilical; tegilla with accessory apertures partly preserved in most specimens examined; coiling of test predominantly dextral.

Maximum diameter of holotype 0.40 mm., minimum diameter 0.33 mm., thickness 0.19 mm.

The specific nan'le is given in honor of Professor Shoshiro Hanzawa, in recognition of his works on Foraminifera.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks: This species resembles Globotruncana intermedia Bolli from the Maestrichtian of Trinidad (1951, p. 197-198, pl. 35, figs. 7-9), but differs in possessing a thicker test and more chambers without striations.

Occurrences of the samples studied: From Ug of the Upper Yezo group of the Haboro area, and the upper part of Uy2 of the Upper Yezo group of the Mombetsu area, both of the Upper Urakawan.


Takayanagi, Y. (1960). Cretaceous foraminifera from Hokkaido, Japan. Science Reports of the Tohoku University. 32(1): 1-154. gs


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