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Globotruncanella citae hispida Korchagin&Pletnev 2011, in Korchagin et al. 2011

Globotruncanella kefennsoura Solakius 1983
= Globotruncanella petaloidea
Globotruncanella minuta Caron&Gonzalez Donoso, in Robaszynski et al., 1984
= Globotruncanella minuta
Globotruncanella piramidalis Longoria&Gamper 1975
= Globotruncanella pschadae


Citation: Globotruncanella Reiss 1957
taxonomic rank: Genus
Type species: Globotruncana citae Bolli, 1951
Described on page(s) : 135-6

Current identification/main database link: Globotruncanella Reiss 1957

Original Description

Test flatly trochospiral; chambers flat, slightly inflated; peripheral margin subacute to acute, imperforate, provided with an undifferentiated keel; keel pustulose to spinose, never showing tendencies to split into two keels, forming dorso-septal branches only, which are usually weak; ventro-septal branches and periumbilical extensions absent; cameral aperture interiomarginal-umbilical; lips fairly long, slightly arched lengthwise, covering partly the small umbili- cus. Ceriomanian to Maestrichtian.

Extra details from original publication
Remarks.-Globotruncanella, gen. nov. differs from Praeglobotruncana to which it is closely related, 'by its less broad, but "undifferentiated" keel, which shows no tendencies to split into a double keel, by the absence of ventro-septal keel-branches and by the peripheral margin in adult chambers which is hardly more rounded than in earlier chambers (as is typical for Praeglobotruncana) as well as by its larger and longer lips, which are more arched lengthwise than those of the latter genus. Various, hitherto undescribed species of Globotruncanella have been observed by this writer in material from Africa and Europe, of Cenomanian to Senonian age. Rugoglobigerina petal- oidea petaloidea and R. petaloidea subpetaloidea as described by Gandolfi (1955a) are apparently species of the genus Globotruncanella. This seems to be true also of certain species described as Globigerina (e. g. by Sigal, 1952b, compare Kupper, 1956; Globigerina aumalensis Sigal is, however, rather a Globotruncanella than a Praeglobotruncana). The section of a supposed globigerinid published by Renz (1936, pI. 6, fig. 14) might be that of either a Praeglobotruncana or a Globotruncanella. The transition from Globotruncana intermedia Bolli to Globotruncanella eitae, assumed by Bolli, needs further study. A possible relationship between Globotruncanella and such Tertiary forms as Globigerina (?) compressa Plummer needs careful study.


Reiss, Z. (1957b). The Bilamellidea, nov. superfam., and remarks on Cretaceous globorotaliids. Contributions from the Cushman Foundation for Foraminiferal Research. 8(4): 127-145. gs O


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